20 Best Old Hindi TV Serials You Can Watch Online With Your Family

Hindi serials aren’t always about the saas-bahu drama, instead, some of them are well scripted and make for fantastic entertainment when you’re having a low day. Such were the shows that we grew up with in the 90s and the early 2000s. Don’t you miss them and wish you could be transported back in time to watch them? Well, you don’t need to look any further, here is a list you will definitely thank us for! These are 20 old Hindi TV serials that you can watch online!


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1. Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai
The wealthy Sarabhai family, into which Monisha marries, is across the street from where she resides. However, her middle-class upbringing causes ongoing strife between them.

2. Malgudi Days
Swami and the other inhabitants of the tranquil town of Malgudi lead simple lives, but encounter many challenges that they overcome head-on.

3. Shakalaka Boom Boom
Sanju, a young child, discovers a magical pencil that allows him to draw anything, and it comes to life. Sanju soon finds himself in conflict with other wicked entities that want to abuse the pencil.

4. Khichdi 
Khichdi tells the tale of the Parekh family, a Gujarati clan that resides in a grand palace. The combined family runs into several difficulties that are traditionally Indian, yet they attempt to resolve them in the most unusual way imaginable. This is a humorous group of individuals that are fiercely committed to their separation movement.

5. Fauji
A group of young people enrol in the military academy because they are passionate about serving their country in the Indian Army. They must, however, deal with all the challenges that come with the position.

6. Dekh Bhai Dekh
The Diwan family resides at their ancestral home on the outskirts of Mumbai with three further generations. As they struggle with their personal and professional relationships, they frequently find themselves in absurd circumstances.

7. Zabaan Sambhalke 
The National Institute of Language offers Hindi classes taught by Mohan Bharti. He is always working to improve the comprehension and pronunciation of Hindi language by his students, who are drawn from all corners of India.

8. Shararat
Inheriting superhuman abilities are three ladies from three distinct generations of a family. They practice magic for entertainment and to find solutions to their daily issues.

9. Shh Koi Hai
As they set out to stop ghosts and evil spirits that cause devastation around the earth, three ghosts-busters risk everything.

10. Just Mohabbat 
The plot centers on Jai, a young boy who lives in a Dehradun hostel apart from his parents Raj and Maya. His relationships with his family and friends, particularly his imaginary companion, are the main subject of the series, which follows him as he grows up.

11. Flop Show 
Through skits and sketches, actor Jaspal Bhatti and his troupe of comedians offer a sarcastic perspective on many societal concerns. This is one of the best old Hindi TV serials you can watch online!

12. Hip Hip Hurray
Students in the DeNobili High School’s 12th grade live their lives, experiencing their adventures, worries, hopes, relationships, and interactions with each other as they transition into adulthood.

13. Shaktimaan 
Superhumanly strong, able to fly, and impervious to harm is an Indian superhero. He fights evil with his supernatural abilities in order to promote harmony and peace.

14. Mungerilal Ke Haseen Sapne
Mungerilal is a low-level clerk who is dominated by both his employer and wife at work.  Mungerilal overcomes everything by daydreaming, in which he exacts revenge on his father-in-law, who is also his boss. Additionally, Mungerilal is dating his stunning coworker.

15. Filmi Chakkar

Zee TV carried the sitcom Filmi Chakkar in the 1980s. The sitcom is based on a family who were completely film-obsessed. Prashant, played by veteran comedian Satish Shah, was the spouse of Ratna Pathak Shah’s character, Rukmani. Both of them enjoy watching movies. They have two young ones.

Another family member lives with them; she is the “Dadi” (grandmother of two children), and she has no interest in movies at all. The family has an idea every day, which leads to amusing situations in their daily lives. To deal with their day-to-day issues, they turn to movie speech and other aspects of the big screen.

16. Office Office
Common man Mussadilal struggles to complete his tasks at several government agencies because of widespread corruption and inefficiency.

17. Byomkesh Bakshi
Detective Byomkesh Bakshi uses his exceptional analytical abilities to try to solve a variety of intriguing and difficult puzzles.

18. Shrimaan Shrimati
Neighbors Keshav and Dilruba are more jealous of each other’s wives than of their own. When they make an effort to approach and flirt with each other’s wives, laughter results.

19. Family No. 1 
Two single parents with three children each were forced to share a recently rented house in the show. As the children of the two families develop connections and grow closer, both families experience a number of humorous scenarios and the youngsters grow up.

20. Hum Paanch
His five daughters’ jokes irritate Anand Mathur, who lives with them. In addition, despite the fact that she is dead, his ex-disparaging wife’s remarks about him continue to bother him.

How does it feel to go back in time? We can bet that you loved this journey. Go ahead, stream these old Hindi TV serials you can watch online, and let us know how you feel in the comments below!

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