17 Online Shopping Fails That Will Make You Rethink Your Next Internet Purchase

One of my favorite past times is to shop online. It’s convenient, hassle free and can even help you save
some money (unless you have an online shopping addiction like I do. In that case you end up spending a lot more than you should). But if you are a regular, you’d realize that shopping online is a gamble – no less than a hit or miss. Occasionally you get lucky and receive exactly what you ordered. But more often than never, you stare in disbelief at the actual product that is not even close to what it looked like on the Internet.

Here are 17 people who instantly regretted shopping online. Yes, these insanely bad shopping fails will probably make you swear off buying things on the Internet.

1) We are pretty sure that this rug will not fit this guy’s living room floor

2) On the plus side, that “dress” does look great on him

3) They should probably mention that this face mask is for infants

4) I don’t know what her problem is. Those two look just the same

5) If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is

6) Maybe this is a DIY project?

7) You can never go wrong with flowers, they say. But this floral arrangement may not be a good

8) It does look cute on her cat though

9) I don’t think that’s a flattering look for her

10) Well at least it is the same color as the dress in the picture

11) Technically, it does look like what’s in the picture

12) In this case, size does matter

13) Looks like this teddy went on a crash diet

14) That’s not a pretty sight

15) I can’t even

16) Camping outside in the woods in that thing might not be a good idea

17) And finally, this rather peculiar “accessory”

Thank God for the returns and refund option.

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