10 Best Pakistani Dramas of 2023 That You Can’t Miss

Pakistani dramas are swoon-worthy because of their storyline and actors such as Fawad Khan, Saba Qamar, and many others who are massively popular outside Pakistan as well. They have many different storylines that often revolve around cliche topics such as the Saas-Bahu saga, toxic love triangles, and family politics. However, the Pakistani cinema industry is also growing with the changing times and many Pakistani shows of 2023 came like a breath of fresh air! We have compiled a list of such dramas that have shown some unconventional storylines.

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1. Bandish 2

This Pakistani drama is all about horror and black magic! In the middle of so many family dramas, this Pakistani drama is quite refreshing as well as bone-chilling. The show revolves around a family that is dealing with the wrath of black magic. Bandish 2 also goes on to show how feelings of hate and revenge give birth to destruction, hurt, and anything but good. The nice horror spin on a family drama makes this show highly creative and worth watching.

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2. Sar e Rah

This moral drama shows the story of a woman who has to take on the job of a cab driver when her father falls ill. While on her job, she meets several passengers daily- who have their side of stories to tell and each story has a message hidden. The simplistic way of telling interesting anecdotes of people- makes this show nothing less than an enchanting spell! The gripping acting of Saba Qamar in the lead- makes the show all the more impactful.

3. Kuch Ankahi

This family drama shattered many taboos by talking about the societal pressures that women face outside their homes. It also showed the harsh reality of family ties broken because of wealth distribution. The whole story focuses on family issues without withholding any particular person responsible for all the mess or portraying one person as a ‘villain’. This show has become one of the trending Pakistani dramas of 2023.

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4. Idiot

This show has a unique plotline that shows a genius man named Gulzar- who questions all the norms of society that he does not find reasonable or beneficial in any way. On the other hand, he meets a girl who is quite cheerful and finds happiness in every little thing in life. While their love story blooms, people around them call Gulzar an ‘Idiot’ for raising ‘useless’ questions.

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5. Kabli Pulao

This romance drama show is about an Afghani girl, Barbeena, who visits Lahore with his father to get medical treatment. However, she crosses paths with Haji Mushtaq, a 40-year-old man who helps the father-daughter duo in getting treatment. Things turn complex when Haji falls in love with Barbeena. The drama has shown complex relationships, differences in cultures, and many other human emotions that would keep you wanting to watch more!

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6. Guru

This show has a bold and sweet plot showing the injustices that a transgender person faces. The show revolves around a transgender person who finds an abandoned girl child and decides to adopt it- will society accept the girl or abolish her because of a transgender parent? The show deals with such difficult questions beautifully. This powerful reality-showing drama is a must-watch!

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7. Tumharey Husn Ke Naam

This show is based on the famous 1930s novel written by Hakeem Nayyar Wasti. It revolves around the life of a popular romantic poet- Sikandar Altaf, and his troubled equation with his wife- Salma Qureshi. The show beautifully captures the ups and downs of their relationship and the ways through which they try to save it. The lead roles are portrayed by Saba Qamar, and Imran Abbas- another reason to watch the show!

8. Siyah Series

It is an anthology series that includes several short stories from various genres like horror, psychological thriller, suspense mythology, supernatural- and all things dark and mysterious! The show includes an ensemble star cast including Hania Amir, Faysal Qureshi, Adnan Siddiqui, Arsalan Naseer, and many more. This project shows creepy, supernatural, and hair-raising stories that would blow your mind (don’t watch them at night!).

9. 22 Qadam

22 Qadam is a sports drama that smartly gives the message of women’s empowerment by showcasing the story of the women’s cricket team. The show is led by the two Pakistani heartthrobs- Hareem Farooq, and Wahaj Ali. This rare take on women’s power and giving out a strong message through sports- are two best elements that make this show stand out from the rest of the Pakistani dramas.

10. Fairy Tale

This Ramadan special comic drama shows the hilarious encounter and discussion between two individuals (Umeed and Farjaat) with opposing personalities. The show has many funny dialogues and hilarious conversations, and every event makes you giddy!b This feel-good show is a real Ramadan treat for all the viewers. Want to watch a light-hearted Pakistani show? This one is for you!

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If you are a fan of Pakistani Dramas, then these are a treat for you.

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