15 Funny Panchayat Memes From The TVF Web Series


No online content creator captures the pulse of Indians like TVF does! Another gem from TVF, Panchayat premiered on Amazon Prime in April this year. With the lockdown being followed strictly and people looking for fresh binge worthy content, Panachayat was an instant hit with great reviews. Like several other web series and popular shows, this series also became a favorite of memers with several Panchayat Memes circulating on twitter and other social media plaforms.

Let look at some of the dialogues and scenes from this TV series that inspired Panchayat Memes.

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1. When you start your bike using kick-start.
Self start: 

2. When you have gone to a friends birthday party and there’s no alcohol…

3. Me: Aaj se aur abhi se Cigarette aur Daru peena band.
Le Cigarette & Daru:

4. *me replying in 0.3 seconds after been ignored for 3 hours*
My male ego:

5. My brain to me after watching Sandeep maheshwari videos for 15 minutes

6. She:  I find Red lays better than blue lays chips

7. Me: Mummy, aaj aapko naye tareeke se chai bana ke dikhata hu.


8. *When an adult website asks, press enter if you are 18+*
My brain to 14 year old me:


10. *Me watching a 2.5 hours movie just for one sex scene*
Me to Myself:

11. *15 years old me, after listening to Eminem rap*

12. * Starts listening Shashi Tharoor speech*
Me in every 2 seconds: 

13. Me: adds 20 items in my online shopping cart
After 6 months,:

14. Friend 1: school ke bathroom me bomb fodne ka idea kab aaya?
Friend 2:

15. She: You are such a nice guy, but..

Critically acclaimed for its simple and realistic yet humorous portrayal of village life, Panchayat is one of the best Indian web series of this year. Do watch it on Amazon Prime in case you haven’t yet!

And do share some of the Panchayat memes you see on Social Media!

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