Parimatch Volleyball Odds

Volleyball is a racket game where two teams meet on the same half of the court. The playing field is divided by a net through which the ball is thrown. The game’s object is to get the ball into the opposing team’s court.

Volleyball is played indoors. Here, you can find out more about this sport and bet on it. There is also beach volleyball which is played outdoors on the sand.

Officially they are two different sports, but the play styles are identical except for minor differences. Beach volleyball has become increasingly popular recently and receives more media attention than traditional volleyball tournaments.

Volleyball is just a mass sport, and providers are pleased to serve such sports. Every provider has volleyball betting in their portfolio, but you should still stick to the best ones. It is an alternative sport to basketball that used to be played a little “tougher” than today. In the early days of volleyball, the number of players was unlimited, and the number of ball touches was unlimited.

The name comes from the fact that the ball is hit directly with a “volley” in the game. This property was taken as the name for the new game and moved accordingly.

Shortly after that, there was a spread to Asia and Europe. The newly developed sport found more and more followers over time. Finally, in 1910, rules were introduced that are still in force today: six players per team and a maximum of three ball contacts before play in the opponent’s half of the field.

Types of bets on volleyball

Volleyball betting options are pervasive. Not least because about one-sixth of the world’s population is involved in this sport in one way or another, and providers’ interest is correspondingly high. That is why we also briefly present the most popular volleyball bets:

  • Winners. There can be no draw in volleyball. Therefore, you can place a bet on the two outcomes of an event on the bookmaker’s website. You will have a 50% chance of winning. The indicator can change, and it depends on the experience of the playing teams.
  • Absolute winner. With the Total Winner feature, you can bet on the league champion or the winner in tournament competition.
  • Over Under Bet. Since volleyball has a lot of points to score, this sport is well suited for Over-Under Bet. It is also the best betting option when you are not sure which team will win, but you think there will be few or many points.
  • Set betting. Set betting comes in many forms. On the one hand, you can bet on the exact final result after the sets. In addition, this can also be combined with forms such as the number of sets in the entire game.

Who will get X points first? Also, bets are always offered on the “race”, i.e., for a certain number of points in a set. Therefore, it depends on who gets a certain number of points first. These are extremely dangerous bets, as even a clear underdog can achieve this result first.

Volleyball betting tips and tricks

Do not bet too risky, and rely solely on luck and chance. The result cannot be calculated, and experience shows that such bets lose very quickly. Depending on the game situation, losing teams can also score these points. In addition, you should consider all the possible information you can get about the work of the team and the current situation. This can be very successful if you over or under-bet the number of sets on the receipt.


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