5 Places To Eat In Old Delhi For That “Oh Shit I was Born Here’ Kinda Experience

Today bloggers have been hogging over Old Delhi to find the essence of it like they have been there forever. It just makes me insecure like the mother who leaves her food uncovered. So basically, I was born here, hence the rage at the beginning of this article, as it is going to be pretty similar to what all bloggers write and say, I guess. But it will have a touch of old school. The places which may not be as familiar to you, as they are to me because most of the business owners here in Old Delhi have seen me grow. And even after we moved they remember us and it gives me the ‘oh I am Rajni Kant’ feels in front of the other customers. Not wasting any more of your precious time, I will list the 5 of the best places to hog-at in Old Delhi

Haji Chicken Corner

It has been there forever, much before you and I were born. I remember eating at this place even before I was done with my bottled milk. Since times have changed and people have started to explore, this place has earned its due respect. Even though the prices have hiked the quality of the chicken still remains the same.
When I was younger it used to be just RS. 35 for a piece which is now RS. 110 but it’s totally, absolutely, completely and definitely worth it.

Jawahar Hotel 

People drool over Karim’s but this is the gem which people should know about. The dishes of this place have that authentic taste in it, especially the Seekh Kababs; they are so soft that they’ll melt in your mouth and bring tears of joy to your eyes because of their amazing blast of flavours. My father likes the mutton nahari they serve and it’s kind of their speciality. Next time you go for Karim’s do look for this place just beside Karim’s. Drop by Jawahar and have the best Mughlai cuisine experience that Old Delhi can offer. 

Kallu Nahari 

Yes, it’s Nahari and not Nihari don’t call it that it’s just painful. Old Delhi is the place where I have learnt that no matter how much you have grown and started to eat at expensive places, the authenticity of taste undeniably remains in the old methods. This place is a prime example of that fact. It’s a small shop disguised as a restaurant behind Delight Cinema, they serve the best Nahari in the whole damn world and have been doing that since mid 20th century. They don’t even have any sitting arrangement and still have managed to be a successful business. And the best part is, the affordability of Nahari. I have two words to elucidate it- SUPER CHEAP (read it as GREAT Quality).

Shree Bhawan 

Do you remember those early morning breakfast parties you had in your early days? I am sure the 90s kids can relate. Basically, this place is for you to take a ride on the nostalgia-train. They serve the best aloo poori and the most authentic halwa mathri made with desi ghee. And also the best imarti, gond ka halwa, and gajar ka halwa in town. This place is hands down better than any Aggarwal sweets or Bikaner sweet store in your locality. 

Aslam Chicken 

So keeping this the last joint to discuss in this article because let’s face it, we have probably read about it more than what we have read about the recent Royal Wedding. But, genuinely this place deserves the hype it gets. Since my childhood I have been in awe with this awesome chicken serving joint, which is known around the town for its succulent buttered gravy and tender chicken pieces. This is the kind of place where you would want to take your unborn child to so that the child too falls in love with the chicken served here. 

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