50 Poetic Hindi Song Lyrics That Will Have You Wonderstruck!

The Hindi music industry has given us some beautiful songs to hum along to – this is an indisputable fact. Ranging from songs that our previous generation grew up listening to, to songs that have seen us grow from children to young adults – each Hindi song that has touched our hearts is an emotion in itself and has remained so. Back when Bollywood still made decent music, we were blessed every now and then with marvellous compositions and lyrics that could make our hearts melt. Well, this is the time when we revisit some of the song lyrics that have stayed with us over the years. Here are some of the most poetic Hindi song lyrics we compiled for you to reminisce about the good old days!


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1. When love and spirituality can’t really be separated. 

2. Trust Swanand Kirkire to pen such beautiful lyrics… 

3. The agony of separation. 

4. When you desire to be around that one special person every moment of the day. 

5. Love can be of different kinds, that for your nation being one of the foremost. 

6. The destructions of love. 

7. When love has the power to make you lose yourself, but gain something much greater. 

8. The magic of Varun Grover. 

9. The kind of gratitude only love brings to you. 

10. When love is in the air…

11. Love truly makes you one. 


12. Trust Gulzar Sahab to write such profound lyrics even for such a peppy number. 

13. The tenderness of those initial meetings… 

14. When nothing, not even the most beautiful of flowers, can match your lover’s gaze… 

15. The privilege of being carefree that only youth bestows you with. 

16. Solace in times of separation. 

17. Indeevar wove magic with words. 

18. Learn to embrace life with all that it brings to you. 

19. Poignant. Just that. 

20. The transience of life. 

21. The naiveties of love… 

22. All that matters… 

23. Profoundness disguised as a dance number, that’s the beauty of old Bollywood songs. 

24. The bittersweet feeling of an uncertain parting, is captured beautifully. 

25. The philosophy embedded in these lyrics is awe-inspiring. 

26. Wherever life leads, you follow. 

27. All the emotions reuniting with a lost love can induce in you. 

28. Of silences and unspoken words. 

29. The beauty of making Sufi poetry unite with contemporary music is simply mesmerising. 

30. Finding beauty in impermanence. 

31. Just the kind of motivation we all need. 

32. Perfect lyrics if you are planning to have an hour-long cry session… if you know you know. 

33. When you know you’ve found home within a person. 

34. Hold on to every moment, for, good or bad, this too shall pass. 

35. Right people at the wrong times… 

36. The hesitant moments of your first brushes with love.. 

37. The futile complaints we have against people who aren’t even here… 

38. When love consumes. 

39. When you want to live for someone else more than you want to for yourself. 

40. The cry of all our souls. 

41. Break free. 

42. Transcending spirituality. 

43. In search of the divine light. 

44. The pain of not being able to let go. 

45. Rediscovering life within yourself, just when you thought all was lost. 

46. We never really express ourselves honestly in front of our parents, do we now? 

47. The most romantic way to confess to someone. 

48. What really is living? 

49. Teaching us to value the love we receive. 

50. When you love and hate the same person… 


Which one is your favourite, out of these poetic Hindi song lyrics? Let us know in the comments!

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