50 Popular Indian Meme Templates That Define the Indian Experience!

The Indian experience is a wildly unique rollercoaster that one has to experience to actually understand. Like western culture has its own tonality and ingenuity, Indian culture too has its own quirks and colour. Being Indian is like being in on a joke that nobody except for other Indians understand. Over the last few years, memes have become increasingly popular in Indian circles, and have thus become an important part of popular culture. Since there’s an abundance of Indian memes in the market, one can get one for every imaginable theme. With that, we bring you 50 popular Indian meme templates that define the Indian experience!


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Now, let’s get back to our compilation of 50 popular Indian meme templates:

1. When that friend who owes you 500 bucks asks for 200 more: 

2. Me to that guy in class who asks stupid questions to the teacher and wastes his time: 

3. When you have been locked inside your house for two months and the government extends the lockdown again:

4. When you ask your friend to help you during the test but she’s even less prepared than you are:

5. When you ask your boss for a raise:

6. Me forwarding the zoom link to my class to random friends so they can disrupt it: 

7. My mother waiting for me with chappals when I return home after 9pm:

8. Me: Looks for something I can’t remember where I put

9. Me deciding between ordering Biryani or Butter Chicken and naan:

10. When that one smart kid keeps showing off in the class
the teacher:

11. Me: My stomach hurts
Mummy: Pura din phone use karne se yahi hota hai

12. When your friend laughs at a joke cracked by that one person you don’t like:

13. When you are a pro at PUBG in North America server and then enter Asia server:

14. Me judging 10 year olds in relationships:

15. My brother and I thinking of an excuse to eat pizza for dinner: 

16. When the professor forgets about the class quiz but someone reminds him about it:

17. 8 year old me asking my mummy for money so I can get an ice-cream: 

18. Me asking my mother to get me snacks when she’s going to buy groceries:

19. When your parents are mad at your sibling but end up scolding you too:

20. When the least deserving guy from your class at school gets to study in London because he’s rich:

21. When you want to bunk classes so you join all the extra-curricular activities:

22. When that one senior gives you gyaan about how impossible it is to score well in exams:

23. When you ask your senior whether the prettiest girl in their batch is single:

24. Whenever you enter your department at the university:

25. Papa: Engineering karlo bohat scope hai
Me: Acchhi naukri milegi?

26. Me when I ask my mummy chai mein kitni cheeni daalun:

27. When your tayiji asks you what you plan to do after graduating with a degree in arts:

28. When your sister doesn’t bring you anything to eat even though she went out:

29. Me when I ask autowale bhaiya Juhu jaane ka kitna lenge:

30. Me to the teacher who clearly doesn’t know anything about what he is teaching:

31. When you ask your papa to buy you an iPhone 12:

32. 12th grade students waiting for CBSE to declare final verdict on board exams:

33. When general public asks Modi government basic questions about covid management

34. When mummy asks me to order food with my own money

35. Me after watching the last season of Game of Thrones:

36. When you’re texting your boyfriend and your mother asks for your phone:

37. Me ignoring my parents as they tell relatives how useless I am:

38. When the country is fighting a pandemic and all media cares about is SSR murder conspiracy theories:

39.When you are a softie on the inside but have a resting bitch face on the outside:

40. Me checking 40 times whether or not my mic is off during online class:

41. Me looking at people eat sushi:

42. When someone puts oreo in their maggi: 

43. When you scold a toddler and they scold you back:

44. When you expected 80+ in a test and get 42:

45. When you forget watering your high maintenance plant for one day
The plant: 

46.  When the government has already banned TikTok and PUBG and now wants to ban Twitter, Instagram and Facebook too: 

47. 12th graders to their relatives after CBSE cancels board exams:

48. Me begging my brother to ask mummy to let us eat bahaar ka khaana today:

49. When you hit your irritating cousin and ask them to not tell their parents about it:

50. Me after buying 500 rupaye ka bitcoin:

Did you enjoy going through our list of popular Indian meme templates? Which one was your favourite? Comment below to let us know!

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