Quora users tell us it isn’t so good to meet Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif is often referred to as one of the most beautiful actresses of Indian cinema. She is also believed to be someone with an air that is often off-putting for fans. But we all know that there are as many opinions as there are mouths.

So, we have for you a list of comments by some Quora users that tell us just how it was to meet the gorgeous Katrina Kaif.

I once met a customs officer who had met Katrina Kaif twice at the airport while doing his duty.

The first time he met her, he requested for a pic with her. Not only did she decline she said it in such a rude manner that the guy was embarrassed, as many of his colleagues were also nearby.

However as the karma goes, this guy again met Katrina Kaif after a few months. During the customs clearance process, he sent her for security check.

She was a bit shocked and asked him “Don’t you know who I am? Don’t you watch movies?” To which the officer replied with authority “No i don’t watch movies. GO over there for the check”.

She definitely needed some lessons in humility.

– Manish Patwal 

Here’s another one, who did not have so much fun meeting the star:

Unlike other stars she doesn’t have a positive Aura around her. Neither her personality nor her way of talking will impress you (Unless you’re a blind follower). In my experience (I have met many stars as I used to work as a radio jockey), Only Salman has the charm & personality to woo you even if you hate him. (I am not a fan of salman and never watch his senseless movies). Akshay kumar is also full of energy and a humble person by heart. There are many other stars as well who have that x-Factor. But Katrina – Absolutely not!

– Siddhart Sharma 

Well, people have a lot to say… Read on

Ask the poor airhostess who was shouted at, insulted, asked ‘How dare you? Do you know who I am?’ and made to apologize for doing her job. All she did was tap a sleeping Katrina on the shoulder to wake her up, & asked her to put on her seat belt. There have been a couple more in flight horror stories courtesy Katrina Kaif, you just have to google.
Also, a friend of mine met her and Ranbir in a mall on the outskirts of Amsterdam. She used to be a huge Katrina fan back then. She got so excited, greeted them both & asked for a selfie with Katrina. Not only did Katrina give her a stare down in reply to her ‘Hi, I’m a huge fan’, she refused to have a picture clicked. Ranbir proactively offered my friend a selfie with him seemingly embarrassed of his GF’s rude behaviour. Before my friend took their leave, Kaif also refused to give her an autograph.
So, I understand she’s a human who can be in a bad mood once in a while, but being rude to others cannot be excused all the time. She’s basically a cold fish who won’t respect you as a fellow human unless she’s on film promotions or you’re a Bollywood biggie.

– Anonymous 

But not all are bad for the woman with the English accent

Katrina is also like other actresses but with a little bit pride…
i have never met her but one of my friends studying at IITB went to mall where to his surprise katrina kaif also came.. He couldn’t believe his eyes. He told his friend, his friend firstly ignored but when he saw surprisingly said “abe ha be she is really Katrina” Katrina was surrounded by guards, when she entered the mall all fans rushed to her. They also went to ground floor to see her. But they were far from katrina, my friend was such a fan of Kat that he asked guards to please allow him to handshake katrina once, he was also ready to pay handful amount of money to guards for this but guards didn’t allow him. He argued with a guard and the guard began to scold him in louder voice “how dare you? you offer me in black its crime bla bla…” the crowd’s attention turned to this and all began to look their argument.. Katrina asked one guard what the matter was. He told her that the boy was arguing to meet katrina once and after being scolded not even ready to move. Katrina called him and personally made a handshake with a selfie. From then he didn’t wash his right hand for two months, he ate with spoon during this period.. also his selfie is safe in every cloud storage google drive, dropbox etc.

– Amarjit Ambani 

Well, we hope Amarjit’s friend had left as his dominant hand. There’s so much washing needed…

I was participating in Standard Chatered Mumbai Marathon. There were a few celebrities including John Abraham, Katrina Kaif Ronnie Screwala, R. Madhavan to name a few. As we were going out after finishing the marathon, I saw Katrina coming in with Ronnie Screwala. I asked her for a pic to which she happily obliged(Ronnie on the other hand was denying as they had to rush somewhere).I spoke to her for a few seconds and also got a couple of clicks with her.

Meeting Katrina Kaif

– Bhushan Gopalani 

We are confused. Some have had great experiences while some others have hated it. However, we feel that each actor should be given their personal space, and not judge each move they make for they’re just as human as us and are susceptible to anger spells and love spells alike.

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