11 Quotes About India By Famous Personalities

Culture and knowledge are two of the essential pillars that India stand on. For ages, our country has mesmerized the world with its discoveries in and contributions to numerous fields of study.


India has forever been a place of interest for many. Lots of great personages, all over the world, spoke grand things about our nation.

So, we bring you 11 quotes about India by Famous personalities that show their amazement for India.

1. The father of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn’s words…

Quotes about India 1

2. This French dramatist revered India!

Quotes about India

3. The greatest mind in the world had this to say

Quotes about India 3

4. We were centuries ahead of the most advanced civilizations

Quotes about India 4

5. After all, we gave the world the number 0

Quotes about India 5

6. Ancient works inspired even Max Muller

Quotes about India 6

7. India does capture the heart, literally

Quotes about India 7

8. Conquering without fighting

Quotes about India 8

9. A taste of reality

10. Gentlemen since the inception of time

11. We inspired Einstein’s theories too!

Quotes about India

India has always been a hub of philosophy and science. And Indians are backed by a rich heritage which make them so passionate and cultured. It’s no wonder that for generations, we’ve enthralled nations with our talent and wisdom.

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