13 Quotes About VVS Laxman That Show He Is Truly Very Very Special

Green pitches, seaming conditions, swinging leather and half the team back in the pavilion. Who do you turn to? A batsman Very Very Special! For over a decade, VVS Laxman played numerous innings rescuing batting collapses, taming fast bowlers and building match-winning partnerships in Test matches for India. The quotes about VVS Laxman reflects how his performances in pressure and elegant stroke-play make him so special.


A wristy player of sublime strokes, VVS Laxman was known for his ability to play elegant shots against top bowling and fielding sides of world cricket. Several of Laxman’s crucial knocks fetched victory for the Men in Blue out of nowhere, especially against the Australian team. The 281 against the Australian team after follow-on in the 2001 Kolkata test remains as one of the best test innings the world has ever witnessed in the history of the game.

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We bring you 13 quotes about VVS Laxman from the greats of the game that show he is truly Very Very Special!

1. Don’t believe, see it for yourself!

Quotes About VVS Laxman (13)

2. When VVS humbled the Spin Wizard

Quotes About VVS Laxman (12)

3. His wristy strokes mesmerized even the God Of Cricket

Quotes About VVS Laxman (11)

4. You need to be Very Very Special to do what Laxman did

Quotes About VVS Laxman (10)

5. Don’t try this at Home!

Quotes About VVS Laxman (9)

6. Impossible is nothing with Laxman on the crease 

Quotes About VVS Laxman (8)

7. Praises from the Sri Lankan great…

Quotes About VVS Laxman (7)

8. Scares off his opponents

Quotes About VVS Laxman (6)

9. You know you have achieved something when your rivals respect you

Quotes About VVS Laxman (5)

10. If not God, then definitely an angel of Indian cricket

Quotes About VVS Laxman (4)

11. Not a dull moment in his play

Quotes About VVS Laxman (3)

12. A brilliant performer

Quotes About VVS Laxman (2)

13. His sportsmanship and performance speak for him

Quotes About VVS Laxman (1)

These quotes about VVS Laxman truly reflect his genius and batting prowess. Trustworthy, humble and above all a performer, VVS Laxman proved himself time and again. Laxman remains and will always remain a prominent name in the Indian Cricket. His legendary strokes and the extraordinary game plan still are exemplary and special and made him very very special too!

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