20 Coolest Quotes By BTS That Are Super Inspiring


The Korean culture has gained huge popularity from the Millenials and the Gen Z-ers, so much so that the K-pop groups and Korean shows bask in a wave of admiration from loyal fans all over the world.


Among the Korean bands, one of the most popular is the boy band, Bangtan Sonyeondan (abbreviated as BTS), based in Seoul, South Korea. Consisting of seven members, V, J-Hope, RM, Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, and Suga, BTS is the heartthrob of many, who are charmed by their boyish good looks, talent, and overall swag. Despite the incredibly young members, BTS excels in many of the entertainment genres and works hard to improve themselves, and they are rewarded with massive accomplishments, like being the fastest band after Beatles to earn four US number-one albums. In their interviews, too, BTS has shown the world how cool they are worthy of their name.

BTS has come to be synonymous with being cool, and their quotes and song lyrics prove why. Here are 20 of the coolest quotes by BTS that will inspire and enchant you, too.

1. Self-love

2. Live for yourself

3. Anti-aging advice

4. And we don’t quite want to be there.

5. If you are thinking of going on a diet.

6. Accelerate…

7. Don’t turn the lights off…

8. Take care of yourself.

9. Be kind.

10. Happiness is of utmost importance.


11. How much does happiness cost, really?

12. Bulletproof…

13. If only you believe, there is magic all around.

14. I shall never give up…

15. Always know that.

16. It does not matter how long your life is, it is a success if you follow your dreams.

17. Just a speck of dust…

18. About the woes of being popular…

19. An observation.

20. And to wrap it up, some well-meaning advice.

We wish the BTS team even more success in life, and may their coolness quotient keep multiplying. These were our choices for the 20 coolest quotes by BTS that deserve a place on our list.

Needless to say, their faithful A.R.M.Y. of fans will have more to add to the list. So go on, and tell us your choices for the coolest quotes by BTS in the comments.

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