30 Timelessly Powerful Quotes By Indian Freedom Fighters


It is without doubt that we keep looking back at our country’s history of independence to find inspiration in politically tumultuous times, and why not – our country has had an extraordinary history, and her struggle of independence was an event that gave birth to hundreds of revolutionaries still remembered by the rest of us as the founding fathers and mothers of what is now modern-day India. When times get tough, there’s no better way than looking back at what we’ve experienced as a country. Our forefathers were wise people, and even almost a century ago, they could foreshadow where the country was going. We bring you 20 powerful quotes by Indian freedom fighters that hold true even to this day!

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1. May your ideas remain revolutionary and your life extraordinary. 

2. Freedom above all else.

3. No revolution has ever been without sacrifice.

4. What’s the point of your existence if you do not respond to your country’s calling?

5. Change begins at your home.

6. It’s the thought that counts.

7. I bow to thee, mother.

8. Do or die.

9. Revolution perseveres as long as revolutionaries do.

10. Ideas make you a revolutionary, weapons make you a masochist. 

11. Freedom is everyone’s birthright.

12. If you do not wish to follow, you can’t be sheep.

13. Ideas live forever.

14. Nothing is served to you on a silver platter.

15. What’s living without taking any risks?


16. Don’t sleep on it, just do it.

17. The people we owe our lives to.

18. An uncertain yes is not a yes at all.

19. Seek justice, not revenge.

20. Man was indeed vile.

21. Be unbreakable in your spirit.

22. Religion must not make rules. 

23. Stupidity is the end of all that is good.

24. Peace must be fought for. 

25. Our own weaknesses are our biggest enemies.

26. How can something be an integral part of our culture that actively divides us?

27. Democracy isn’t perfect, but other systems are just plain bad. 

28. Delhi chalo!

29. We must identify the flaws within us to fight them.

30. What are we without our country?

Did these quotes by Indian freedom fighters spark the flame of revolution inside you? Comment below to tell us your favourite quote!

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