15 Quotes from BK Shivani For Self Realization & Discovery


Shivani Verma, or popularly known as BK Shivani,  is one of the foremost spiritual leaders of India today. A teacher of the Bramha Kumaris movement, BK Shivani has spread the message of love, positive energy and meditation all across the globe. The addresses, messages and quotes from BK Shivani have become popular recently.


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We bring you some of the best quotes from BK Shivani you should read to lead a better and spiritually enriched life.

1. Want Love, Accept yourself. Need Respect, Value yourself. – BK Shivani

2. The what, why & how of change works only and only when there is a deep want to change? – BK Shivani

3. Let us not equate love with expectations. – BK Shivani

4. My past is settled, present is beautiful, future is certain be perfect. – BK Shivani

5. Forgiveness means they do not live in your mind anywhere. – BK Shivani

6. Practice Humility, Compassion &Unity. Heal yourself to heal the planet. – BK Shivani

7. My thoughts create happiness & health. My body is perfect and healthy. – BK Shivani


8. Seeking creates Vacuum. Giving creates fulfillment. – BK Shivani

9. Meditation is soul cleansing. – BK Shivani

10. Speak Less, Speak Softly, Speak Sweetly. Save Energy. – BK Shivani

11. Nevery say: “I had no choice.” It’s always our choice. – BK Shivani

12. Take care of what you think, because you are listening. – BK Shivani

13. Meditation is a personal relationship and a conversation with him. – BK Shivani

14. I am a pure soul. I need nothing… I give love & happiness. – BK Shivani

15. Start with the thought – I can create any habit. That’s the simplest thing to do. – BK Shivani

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We hope these quotes from BK Shivani helps you towards the path of self realization and  enlightenment.

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