12 Amazing Quotes From Dead Poets Society That Are Bold!


There are many poets and writers whose words can touch your heart. English teacher from ‘Dead Poets Society’ is one of them. He constantly encourages his student to make their lives extraordinary. He is one of those teachers who inspires his students to go against the odds and believe in themselves and have dreams.

American teen drama Dead Poets Society was released in 1989 and was directed by Peter Weir. The film narrates the tale of an English teacher who motivates his students by teaching poetry. Set in 1959 at the fictitious, elitist, conservative boarding school Welton Academy. Of all the game-changing 1989 movie releases, none captured quite as much attention or influence as Dead Poets Society. The film stars Robin Williams in his first Oscar win as an English teacher at a rigorous east coast prep school. In addition, future teen heartthrobs Ethan Hawke and River Phoenix star alongside Robert Sean Leonard and will turn plenty of heads on-screen with memorable lines such as “carpe diem” to this day.

How do you keep these important words in your life? Here is a collection of quotes from ‘Dead Poets Society‘ that will help you sum up your emotions and favorite memories.

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1. Who hasn’t heard this one?

2. Is he standing on his desk to feel taller?

3. After all, the language wasn’t just invented to ‘communicate’.

4. Live your life to the fullest but don’t be reckless. 

5. Do you have a voice? It will help you to find it all. 


6. It is important for one to have their own opinion. 

7. Dreams define us and makes us happy.

8. Gaining a new and different perspective towards things is interesting. 

9. Don’t be afraid to be daring and break the rules. 

10. Learn to think for yourself first. You’ll understand it with time.

11. One must live an authentic life where there is a balance between necessities and dreams.  

12. The importance of individuality and expression. 

Whether you’re looking for inspiring words to live by or just want the key one-liners from this famous film, our compilation of these popular Dead Poets Society quotes has everything covered.

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