Inspiring Quotes From Famous World Leaders Who Changed The World!

There are only a few people in the history of our world who have managed to leave behind a mark so deep and impactful that it changed the world for the better. The world we live in, for better or for worse, would feel distinctly alien without them being in it at some point in time. Their words are important because people still live by them and understand their value. Here are 27 powerful quotes from famous world leaders who changed the world.

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1. Every loss is a lesson in disguise. 

2. What you can do may not be great, but it still matters. 

3. We expect things from friends, not enemies. 

4. If you have never taken any risks, have you lived at all?

5. Power changes people. 

6. The bold and the fearless are going to make it to history, not the silent and the subservient. 

7. Nothing wrong with making God’s job a little easier, right?

8. If your enemy decides to self-sabotage, it’s not your job to fix it. 

9. Your self-respect is more important than anything else. 

10. Nothing is final. Not even success. 

11. Religion is a distraction for the faint-hearted from the ills of the world. 

12. You do not judge the people you love. 

13. Nobody’s going to execute your vision better than yourself. 

14. The revolution does not happen in a vaccum. People have to work for it. 

15. Sometimes it’s best to keep your mouth closed. 

16. Hate can’t drive out hate. 

17. Human desire is insatiable and endless, unlike human needs.  

18. Injustice must never be tolerated.  

19. There’s always a better way to get rid of your enemies. 

20. Revenge isn’t linear, it’s a cycle. 

21. You can only ever be friends if you really mean to. 

22. Just because everyone disagrees with you, doesn’t make you wrong. 

23. Looks like Dumbledore was a fan of Mandela’s. 

24. Change begins at home. 

25. You can’t fool all the people all the time. 

26. Do not go by one’s size. 

27. What’s the point of your existence if you mean nothing to nobody?

28. Self-respect is of paramount importance!

Did you like these quotes from famous world leaders? Which one of these was your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.

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