25 Quotes From Indian Prime Ministers on India, Democracy, and Politics

When in doubt, take a hint from history. While things sometimes do look dark and unnavigable, there’s probably something in the past that you can learn from to make your situation better. And who could be better teachers than the leaders of India who have brought our country to where we are today? 70 years ago, when India was finally free, it still had many challenges to face, thanks to the exploits of the British. It is commendable how far we have managed to come despite that, and for that, we have our leaders to thank. Here are 25 quotes from Indian prime ministers to inspire and guide you.


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1. It’s important to acknowledge the shortcomings of our system.

2. Who is more important? Your country or your religion? 

3. If you want to make friends, do it wholeheartedly. 

4. Women nurture the whole society.

5. We are nothing without our famers and our armymen. 

6. At the end what matters is our freedom and democratic system 


7. Sometimes good work is overshadowed by big words. 

8. We should remember that wars are fought to preserve peace; peace is what we strive for. 

9. Your opinions do not change cold hard facts. 

10. We must accept what we truly are. 

11. What would you do with infrastructure when no people are there to avail it?

12. Depends on who’s writing history. 

13. You cannot change history whether you like it or not. 

14. Democracy doesn’t discriminate. 

15. The power to ask questions is what makes a democracy, a democracy. 

16. Hard work brings its own brand of joy. 

17. Is there anyone who can get rid of a pesky neighbour? 

18. In the long run, we’re all dead. 

19. And thankfully, India has been at the forefront of the Computer & IT Revolution 


20. There’s always good sense in saving some money. 

21. The headlines go to the bold and the brave and the stupid. 

22. Have you really lived if you haven’t taken any risks? 

23. Secularism is the separation of state and religion. 

24. A system that equates happiness with wealth is a system that values wealth more than people.

25. You don’t need to talk about being good if you do good things. 

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