19 Best Quotes from Lord of The Rings About Life Lessons

Lord of the Rings is an epic drama that transports viewers back to a time when kingdoms rose to glory and fell to ruin and where powers were forged. It was set a long time before the events of “The Hobbit” and “The Lord of the Rings” by Tolkien. The Lord of the Rings trilogy offers a lot of memorable quotations worth remembering for fans anxious to revisit Peter Jackson’s famous depiction of Tolkien’s fantastical universe, including what might be some of the greatest inspirational quotes ever. It is hoped that Tolkien’s works will continue to have a lasting impact on humanity for decades to come as new generations continue to learn valuable lessons from them. So here are the Best Quotes from Lord of The Rings that you should read.


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1. Because love is above everything!

2. We all should be a little more thankful and that is how we can lead a very happy life.

3. If someone puts their mind to it, they can accomplish anything. They are strong and capable of success if their confidence holds and their passion does not weaken. Even you can be the one!

4. When the path seems difficult and instead of finding the way out of it, you are out hope, that is when you know that you are faithless.

5. It is rightly said, ‘An eye for an eye, makes the whole world blind.’ We all know that karma knows its job very well and we are nobody to seek revenge.

6.  This world does not belong to a single person, but to every one of us and we are collectively responsible for everything!

7. Aragon desired to be their companion more than anything, even though he was aware that the hobbits held the key to his fate.

8. Young people in today’s society worry a lot that their life might pass unnoticed. Take satisfaction in the idea that, regardless of whether anyone notices you or not, you are doing something good you can with what you have.

9. A wise person never speaks unnecessarily and whatever is not required. Only if a person is very sure, they utter it.

10. Just go with the flow, because God has better plans than you have for yourself.

11. If you break something to truly understand it, you are not really a very smart person.

12. Only those lose hope who can see the ends beyond everything else. But what if we do not want to see the end and keep our hope alive? Only then we can move forward!

13. This quote talks about the experience. You can gather a lot of knowledge in very less time but you cannot gather experience. And experience is what makes you the smartest of all.

14. Everything is beyond our control, from when we are born to when we pass away. All we can decide in our lives is what can do between life and death and what we commit ourselves to.

15. Because death is the ultimate truth that nobody can ever escape!

16. This quote depicts the fact that nobody ever knows a complete truth and there is always a third side of a story. We should never never be too quick to judge anything.

17. Making sure that coming generations can carry on the work we started and, hopefully, improve the world is a large part of what we do on this planet and that is why we know that adventures do not end!

18. A simple life is neither tedious nor unpleasant in any possible way.  To be able to enjoy and celebrate a simple life is truly a gift.

19. A person may explore and wander but that doesn’t mean it would not lead somewhere. Your actions don’t always need to have logic or rhyme, sometimes you just need to do what your heart says.

These were the best Quotes from Lord of The Rings. We hope you learned something form this.

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