20 Best Quotes From Marvel Movies For All The Fans Out There!


The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is a force of its own. One only needs to take a look at the craze which comes about every time a new movie release, or literally any development takes place in the world of Marvel. Marvell has literally defined childhood for a whole lot of us, and continues to amaze us with a plethora of amazing characters and blockbuster movies that keep the craze alive, and with good reason. Here’s to the MCU, with an article dedicated to the memorable quotes from Marvel movies that are worth remembering!

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1. You can’t be the hero in every version of the story. 

2. An emotion in itself. 

3. That iconic line. 

4. Stay true to yourself, and you’ll be the best version you have ever known.

5. A lesson in wisdom and strategising. 

6. Spend your energy on what you can control. 

7. Wise reflections. 

8. A lesson on not being too hard on yourself. 

9. Learning to take things in your stride is one of the greatest life skills. 

10. Putting up a good fight is important, no matter the outcome. 


11. You choose your path. 

12. Words which could make one tear up… 

13. Time is money, but seldom the other way round. And you realise this in the direst of circumstances. 

14. And that’s a fair battle. 

15. The logic is in place, can one deny? 

16. A hero is one who carves their own way out. 

17. And backing down is never an option. 

18. While that is intimidating, it is also empowering. The powers of destruction lie in the hands of the creator. 

19. Truer words were never spoken. 

20. After all, what are you when devoid of the shell you encase yourself in? 

Marvel has and always will be an emotion for a lot of us out there. The amazing writing and fantastic conceptualisations make the universe come alive for us in a multitude of ways. We hope you liked going through these quotes from Marvel movies we can’t get enough of! Let us know of any memorable quote which we forgot to include, in the comment section below.

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