12 Best Quotes from Spartacus – The TV Series

The bloody action-adventure series which captivated many fans for their deep plots and interesting characters have been there even Game Of Thrones series started. They have gained many fans with their medieval theme and the character lines.

Here are a few of the most interesting quotes
1. Fate defines men

2. Love claims men without warning

3.Two things!

4.Gladiators do not fear death

5. Love does things to men

6. Everything will heal

7. Love and hope go together

8. What we do presently define our future

9. The fearless man will always win

10.What we do with our blessings defines mankind

11.The unending love Spartacus had for his Sura

12.Choices decided fate

Although the series has ended, it has left a deep impact on us and still live in our hearts and it will be one of the best medieval themed TV series

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