15 Quotes from Sundar Pichai – The CEO Of Google

Sundar Pichai, also known as Pichai Sundararajan, is an Indian-American business executive who serves as the CEO of Alphabet Inc. and its subsidiary Google LLC. He showed an early interest in technology and a remarkable memory, particularly for telephone numbers. In 2004, he became the head of product management and development at Google. He was also named CEO of Alphabet in December 2019, succeeding Larry Page, who stepped down. Quotes by Sundar Pichai will help you refuel your batteries. Scroll down to see 15 of the most memorable quotes from Sundar Pichai.

1. “Wear your failures as a badge of honor.”

One of the most inspiring quotes from Sundar Pichai is the one above, which encourages us to be okay with making mistakes and accepting them wholeheartedly. After all, it’s human to make mistakes. After experiencing failures in our lives, many of us become demoralized and heartbroken. However, if we don’t take off our armor and keep fighting, we’ll undoubtedly succeed one day.

2. “A person who is happy is not happy because everything is right in his life, he is happy because his attitude towards everything in his life is right.”

Our attitude is an important aspect of who we are. It changes our perspective on life and causes us to take a different path. Sundar Pichai’s quote emphasizes that a person’s attitude is the most important factor in determining whether they are happy or sad. This quote from Sundar Pichai is about life and its ways contains a profound lesson.

3. “India has been, has long been, an exporter of talent to tech companies. But it is in India that’s now undergoing its own revolution.”

Sundar Pichai’s above quote clearly demonstrates that despite his success, Sundar hasn’t forgotten his roots. Sundar Pichai acknowledges that Indians make up the majority of employees at the world’s leading tech firms such as Google, Oracle, and Facebook. The landscape has begun to shift, and he is closely monitoring the rise of both tech and non-tech start-ups in India. He is pleased to promote indigenous ventures in India because it will improve India’s global image.

4. “Keep pushing your limits.”

The above quote adds to the collection of inspiring quotes from Sundar Pichai. A successful person is one who continues to push his limits to unimaginable levels because the sweet fruits of success can only be enjoyed after days of hardship. You will not be able to achieve anything in life unless you are willing to put in the effort.

5. “It is important to follow your dreams and heart. Do something that excites you.”

Few people comprehend the significance of dreams. Sundar Pichai, on the other hand, does, as evidenced by one of the most famous quotes from Sundar Pichai. Dream big and put your whole heart into making it a reality. If you don’t do something exciting with your life, it will become boring.

6. “As a leader, it is important to not just see your success but focus on the success of others.”

This quote, out of all the quotes from Sundar Pichai, exemplifies Sundar Pichai’s humility and vision. Selfishness may help you win, but compassion is the only thing that can turn you into a good leader. Everyone has the ability to develop on their own. But, in the end, the person who helped others grow will be remembered forever.

7. “Let yourself feel insecure from time, it will help you grow as an individual.”

It’s fine to be self-conscious. It’s perfectly acceptable for this to happen repeatedly. To progress as a person, you must be able to overcome your fears, hesitations, and doubts. This is one of our favorite quotes from Sundar Pichai.

8. “In life don’t react, always respond.”

Sundar Pichai wants us to know the difference between response and reaction. Most of the time, we react to a situation by becoming upset and making rash decisions. Rather than wasting time and energy reacting, it is preferable to use them to respond. In a given situation, a response refers to a well-considered and well-planned decision.

9. “You might fail a few times, but that’s Ok. You end up doing something worthwhile which you learn a great deal from.”

Here’s one of the motivational quotes from Sundar Pichai. Learning something new is never a waste of time!

10. “Focus on education is a big strength. I want to see young people focus on creativity and take more risks.”

At both the individual and national levels, education is a powerful weapon. A well-educated individual is preferable to a large group of uneducated people. Sundar Pichai’s quote, on the other hand, emphasizes that education alone is insufficient. To achieve greatness, you must be creative and up for a challenge, in addition to being educated.

11. “We try to work on things which billions of people will use every day.”

If you’re a startup enthusiast, Sundar Pichai’s quote will help you understand the startup ecosystem’s demand-supply relationship. Google has become a household name, with a wide range of products. However, Google’s success is due to its ability to create products that the general public will require in the future. Consider doing the same for your startup!

12. “Good companies do whatever it takes.”

This quote is one of the best quotes from Sundar Pichai. Why? Because it inspires you to do everything you can to ensure the success of your business. You may have sleepless nights and days without a tea break, but you will build good company in the end. You have Google as an example!

13. “Most of how life plays out is up to you.”

Sundar Pichai’s quote is extremely motivating. It reflects the fact that your actions, and only your actions, determine your life’s outcomes. If you want to achieve success, you must take actions that lead to it and vice versa. Understood?

14. “If you don’t fail sometimes, you are not being ambitious enough.”

When you set your mind to something, you may not know how to get there, and you may fail. You may also fail several times before succeeding. If you don’t fail as often as you should, you aren’t trying as hard as you should be. The more times you fail, the more ways you find to avoid achieving a goal.

15. “Be impatient. It will create the progress the world needs.”

Don’t wait if you have the ability to see into the future and create a solution to a problem. Quotes from Sundar Pichai motivate you to pursue disruptive ideas and create things for the future. Your impatience and desire to try new things will result in unexpected results.

So there you have it: some interesting quotes from Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet Inc. We hope it helped rekindle the fires of motivation and ambition in your heart. Comment down below and let us know which quote motivated you the most.

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