14 Quotes on Happiness To Remember During Dark Times

Life can sometimes look like an endless pit of sorrow and exhaustion and you might feel like you’re out of breath all the time. Dark, right? But it’s true. Life can be truly overwhelming at times. With our hectic lifestyles and the fast pace that today’s world functions in, it is important to remember to cherish little moments of happiness as they come by, because believe me, they are few and far in between. With that, we bring you 14 quotes on happiness to pull you through during trying times. 

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1. Life is short and unexpected. Live every day as if it’s your last. 

2. If you chase happiness all your life, when will you have the time to cherish it?

3. While the world can sometimes feel like an ocean of sadness, a smile here and there is the only reason we continue to carry on. And that’s okay.

4. You must always ask yourself – how can I make this moment happier? 

5. The only certainty in life is death. As long as you live, you are allowed to hope.

6. Sometimes you need to experience loss to appreciate having.

7. There’s nothing more joyous than one’s ability to make others happy. 

8. If suffering is a part of life, so is happiness. So what’s wrong with hoping for a better tomorrow?

9. Nobody is responsible for your happiness except for you. 

10. What is happiness if not striking a balance?

11. Do not be afraid to celebrate tiny moments of happiness. 

12. How can one be happy if they keep finding reasons to be morose?

13. If you have got 99 problems and 1 source of joy, celebrate the source of joy. 

14. Sometimes we feel anxious when we’re happy because we’re scared that happiness is fleeting. Nothing robs you of your happiness more than your own anxiety. 

Did you like these quotes on happiness? Which one was your favourite? Comment below to let us know!

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