20 Quotes on Parents About Tough Love, Children, and Parenthood

Our parents are our first teachers. What we learn in the formative years of our lives, we learn it solely from them. And that debt may never be repaid, perhaps until we have children of our own and the cycle continues. To be a parent is to be a hundred different things for your child, a friend, chauffeur, a cook, a teacher, and sometimes even a judge. There will never be enough words to describe what it is to be a parent. But with these 20 quotes on parents about tough love, children and parenthood, we’d like to try. 

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1. It is important what you give your children.

2. There’s always room in a parent’s heart.

3. You must make time for your children.

4. We feel differently about our parents in the different stages of our life.

5. Your child is not your carbon copy.

6. A child must be encouraged to pursue the things that make him happy.

7. It’s okay if you judge your parents, just know that your children will judge you too.

8. Words cannot describe the sacrifices a parent has to make for their child.

9. It is what it is.

10. You can either make your child, or you can break him.

11. You’re happy when your parents are happy.

12. Parents are the only ones obligated to love you.

13. It is important what you teach your children.

14. IMO this is a safe assumption.

15. Your mother didn’t teach you how to speak for you to talk back to her. 

16. We are what our parents make us. 

17. With kids, actions are always louder than words. 

18. Your kids mirror your behaviour. Always remember that. 

19. There are actual parents then there are armchair parents. 

20. Teach your child how to be self-reliant. 

Did you like these 20 quotes on parents? Which ones resonated with you the most? Comment below to tell us!

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