25 Quotes on Success That’ll Motivate You To Get Ahead in Life

Sometimes, all you need in your day is a little push to pursue the dreams you’ve always been chasing. Often, we are stuck in phases of hibernation in our life when it becomes far too difficult to see clearly what we want in life. During times like these, it’s best to look up to people who are worth their salt, who knows what it means to dream and to achieve. If you have been in a funk of late, we bring you 25 quotes on success that’ll motivate you to get ahead in life. 

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1. You must fail every once in a while to learn a thing or two.

2. Being original is the first step to eventual success.

3. Don’t just look up to others, analyse them.

4. Success is not final. Things could change at any moment.

5. When you’re too busy winning, you don’t have the time to complain.


6. Success only comes to those who work for it.

7. Do not be afraid of taking risks.

8. Work on yourself rather than complaining about the situation. The former is easier to correct.

9. Let the world feel grateful to have you.

10. The path to success has its fair share of thorns.

11. You must already know what you’re meant to do in life.

12. You fail only when you decide that you’ve failed.

13. Fake it till you make it.

14. Overnight success often takes years of hard work.

15. Being right once is enough.

16. A little bit of suffering now can make the rest of your life so much easier.

17. It all depends on how you see the world.

18. Actions speak louder than words.

19. Let the memory of your failures fuel your journey to success.

20. It’s important that you are important.

21. To be where you want to be, you must first begin walking.

22. Be the kind of person who lasts.

23. If you wouldn’t even want to do it, how’d you do it?

24. Do not let the opinions of others stand between you and your dreams.

25. Success always comes after the work.

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