15 Most Viral Rahul Gandhi Meme Templates

Indian Politics of modern times would have been incomplete without the presence of Rahul Gandhi. From being touted as the future of Indian Politics to becoming the butt of all jokes, opinions on Rahul Gandhi has often been a mixed bag of all extremes. Rahul Gandhi meme templates have also been a rage on the internet. From ‘Maza Aaaya’ to ‘Khatam. Bye. Bye. Tata. Good Bye.’, Rahul Gandhi’s epic lines from speeches have been a favorite of memers.

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We bring you some of the funniest Rahul Gandhi Meme templates that will make you ‘Laught Out Loud!’

1. How Jaya Bachchan talks to Amitabh Bachchan.

2. When the teacher caught you cheating in the exams

3. Nobody:
14 years old kids who were a huge fan of THE ROCK

4. Me trying to concentrate when English wali ma’am is teaching

5. me after smelling weed after a long time

6. When your boss says: no need to work on the weekends

7. When you and your friend get the ‘double meaning’ at the same time

8. When you propose to her and she says: Rahul, you deserve better

9. Me after 10 minutes in an office meeting

10. nobody:
people who participate in Bigg boss:

11. Me after smoking a joint for the first time.

12. me with my homies when JCB comes to our area

13. When you broke the glass and trying to avoid eye contact with mom

14. RCB ‘s batting lineup after AB Devillers

15. When after an hour of interview HR says we will get back to you and you know they won’t.

Whether Rahul Gandhi becomes of the next Prime Minister of India or not, we hope his memes continue to entertain us. Which of these Rahul Gandhi meme templates define the story of your life? Do let us know in the comments below!

Khatam. Bye. Bye. Tata. Good Bye.

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