16 Hilarious Rajpal Yadav Meme Templates Which Are Relatable AF


One of the most popular comedians on the silver screen, Rajpal Yadav is a popular name in Bollywood with his stellar performances and perfect comic timings in movies. While his two decade long career in the B-Town has several memorable roles, Rajpal Yadav meme templates are also a favorite of the memers, netizens and twitteratis.


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We bring you some of the most funny and hilarious Rajpal Yadav meme templates that are popular on the internet.

1. Me in my resume while applying for a job: Mein…Mereko sab aata hai…Mein expert hoon

2. When mom is telling me something when I’m playing pubg
My sister: Aap kucch bhi bolo ye nahi sunne waala

3. When I’m ordering groceries from an online site.
Online site: Ab itna kharcha ho hi gaya hai, to ek chips ka packet le hi lete

4. *Mumbai Indians win IPL trophy*
Other franchise fans: Bhai paisa ho to kya kucch nahi ho sakta

5. When I’m playing games on my phone
5-year-old nephew: Do na, Do na

6. Nobody:
Youngest sibling: Hum koi mandir ka ghanta hai ki koi bhi aake baja jaata hai

7. When you switch on mosquito repellent: 
Mosquitoes: Humko maro, humko zinda mat chhodo saalon

8. When it’s your birthday and you distribute perk/5star in the class
le friend: Nakli note chhapne ka dhanda hai kya


9. Me after receiving birthday gifts

10. My Friend on Holi: bus, Ek teeka lagaunga
*After 2 minutes*

11. When the class monitor complains to the teacher about me.
10 yrs old me: Sale ko bomb se uda dunga

12. When you enter the examination hall
Memory: Thik hai bhai. Ab mein chalta hoon

13. When you play 2-3 songs on Spotify
Ad: Raju bhaaii…Mein aa gaya!


14.  *Everyone stands against nepotism*
Le star kids: Phir apna kaam khallas

15. When you are 2 minutes late and teacher marked you absent.
Ab kucch nahi ho sakta kya?

16. When my room mate goes to the kitchen in midnight.
Jo bhi laa rahe ho do laana

Which of these Rajpal Yadav Meme templates did you find the funniest?

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