Read this to know and pick up the best pool cues for excellent play.

You need the best pool cues to experience an excellent pool game. The type of cue sticks you use will determine your winning chances. Most pool passionate players consider buying their pool cues because they want to enjoy the game. Playing with a poor-quality pool cue can be very disappointing and can discourage you from playing the game. When buying your cue, you need to consider various factors to ensure you buy the right cue. GetMega App is one such gaming platform where you can play pool games and win real money. 

Tips for selecting the best pool cues – 

Your height should be equal to the length of your cue

Cues have a standard height. A standard two-piece cue has 58 inches, while a one-piece has 57 inches. Players below this height have to order a certain cue. This length will help in giving the player complete control of the game. It also balances the weight of the cue during the game.

  • Type of the cue

In general, there is a one-piece and two-piece cue stick. If you are buying cues for your home pool, you can buy a one-piece cue. For competitive play, buy a two-piece cue. The advantage of the two-piece cue is that it comes with its case, which means you can travel with it. At GetMega you will find every type of cue.

  • Test the weight of the cue

The weight of the cue is very important because it will affect your shots. Most pool cues weigh between 17-20 ounces. If you choose a too heavy cue, it will be exhausting. Short people might consider purchasing a lighter cue. The end of the cue stick is always thicker than the rest of the part. Ensure you buy a cue stick that you can easily handle without much struggle. The advantage of a lighter cue is that it enhances your skills in shots. Weight can be adjusted in most cues. There are removable weight bolts under the rubber bumper.

  • Examine the type of the wrap

The part that you hold at the end of the cue is called a wrap. The wrap should be comfortable because it will be in contact with your skin throughout the game. Some cues have it covered with rubber for comfort, while others have it plain. The purpose of a comfortable wrap is to protect your hand from getting blisters due to friction. To determine how comfortable it is, it is good you hold it with your hand and feel it.

  • Choose a straight cue.

The best pool cues should be straight. Checking the straightness level of the cue is the best way to know if it is straight or not. You can roll the stick on a flat surface and observe how it is moving. A straight cue rolls continuously. Another method you can use to check the straightness is your eye. Close one eye, place your cue on the other open eye, and see if it is bent. Rotate the cue as you observe. A bent cue will affect your shot because of imbalance.

  • Cue tip

This one is very critical if you want to have an excellent game. There are two types of cue tips.

Softer Layered tip: cues with this type of tip are highly recommendable because they need less maintenance and have a standard hardness. They are made of multiple layers of rubber strips. The multiple layered tips ensure continuous functioning even when one layer wears out. Not unless you have a specific tip hardness of your choice, this tip type is the best.

Hard tips: these tips are made of a single layer of leather compressed into a shape. This is the old design, but some people prefer it.

Also, you will need to look at the size of the tip. The standard size is at least 12mm for novices. But if you are an expert, you can choose a narrower tip because it gives more precision when pinning the pool balls.

  • The quality of cue shaft and butt

The shaft and the butt are joined together by a cue joint. The narrower part (tip to joint) is the shaft, while the thick part (joint to end) is called the butt. Look at the material of making the shaft. You will need a smooth shaft for easy sliding. It should be easy to maintain and durable too. The inclining level from the shaft to the butt should be even and gradual. The most commonly used shaft and butt is hard maple because of its low cost and less maintenance. There is the latest version of shaft and butt that is made from carbon fibre. It offers more excellent performance, but it is a bit expensive.


The type of cue you use will affect the accuracy of your shot. Choosing the best pool cues is the beginning of a successful pool gaming. It is also good to have a pool cue of your own if you are a professional player. Ensure to follow these tips to guide you in selecting the best pool cues. If you are a pool game enthusiast then GetMega will be your gaming partner. On the GetMega app, you will find many types of games and earn real money and cash prizes every time. 

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