11 ‘Interesting’ Reasons Why These Indian Brides Called-off Their Wedding

They say, marriages are made in heaven. But those marriages which do not see the light of the day have some brilliant reasons for their fallout. Some may call these reasons brave acts of feminism, while others may label them ‘stupid’. Either way, here are 11 ‘interesting’ reasons why these Indian brides called-off their wedding. If you are planning on getting married, these should serve as a ready reckoner.

1. No dog, no wedding

A Bangalore based girl rejected an ‘excellent good-looking and well off guy because he failed to understand her love for dogs and wouldn’t allow her to keep one after marriage.

Looks like the loyal furry friend did come to her rescue here.

2.No toilet? No wedding!

A woman agreed to marry a man in Kanpur only if he built a toilet in his home by the wedding date. When he failed to do so, this high school graduate called off the wedding.

She later went on to marry another man who had a toilet in his home.

3.Fair, beautiful, tall bride needed… (Or not)

Two Agra-based sisters called off their wedding at the last hour because their grooms looked apparently darker and older than they did in their pictures. These women saw their grooms for the first time on the wedding day.

Well, photoshop spoiled it for the men this time.

4. Can you add? No? Cancel the wedding!

21-year-old, class 12-pass, on finding out about her would-be being illiterate, asked him what 15 added to six was. After much thinking, the man (23-year-old) answered, ‘Seventeen’.

The wrong answer made the girl call off the wedding.

5.Groom fails to bow, bride walks off

Like in many Hindu weddings, friends of this unfortunate groom playfully lifted him way too high during the garland exchange ceremony. The bride made three attempts to garland him, failing which she walked off the stage and refused to get married to him.

Never go too high.

6.Chicken Biryani breaks off a wedding

The bride’s family sent 30 kg Chicken Biryani as a gift to the groom’s family, unaware of them being vegetarian. When the issue was blown out of proportion on the wedding day, the bride decided to call-off the wedding.

Poor chicken got killed in vain.

7. Forced by groom to dance on item song, bride calls-off wedding

After being repeatedly forced to dance on an item song, this bride from Firozabad threw away her garland in disgust and walked away from the stage at her wedding.

She is not an item girl dude.

8. Bride refuses to nude selfie and the wedding

After being engaged, the groom pestered the bride to send him a nude selfie. After constant refusal from the bride, he threatened cancellation of the wedding and asked for rupees three lakh as dowry amount.

Obliging to his request the girl not only called off the wedding but also handed him to the police.

9. Relationship Modi-fied to nil

A couple called-off their wedding after the two got into a heated discussion about the Prime Minister’s economic policy. The bride held Modi responsible for the economic slowdown, while the businessman groom thought otherwise.


10. Groom’s closeness to bhabhi enrages bride’s family

The groom’s bhabhi kissed him just before the garland ceremony and later danced with him on the dance floor. As the two matched each other’s steps, the bride’s family got furious and called off the wedding.

Kyunki bhabhi ji ghar par hai!

11. Not enough lights to continue with wedding

After the groom’s side demanded for better lighting during the garland ceremony, and the bride’s family refused, a massive fight broke out between the groom and his would-be father-in-law.

The bride’s family refused to get their daughter married in a family that can create such a ruckus for ‘lights’.

We’re sure some of them made you laugh, while some made you proud of the nation’s daughters. The commonality between all these decisions were nothing but the small voice in their hearts that told them it wouldn’t work and they agreed to listen to it. Time we took our decisions not on what people would think, but based on that little voice of conviction in our hearts.

Please note: The images in this article have been used only for reference

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