20 Relatable Memes on Crush That Will Hit You Hard

Of all the feelings in the world, crushing hard on someone is probably one of the best and yet most confusing ones. Do they like you? Do they not? Do they know about your feelings? The constantly fluctuating emotions keep you on the edge all the time. But the butterflies are justified. Crushes are special – the first brushes with something akin to the feeling of love.. possibly the first heartbreaks as well. Or, if you’re one of the lucky ones, the first experience of being liked back by someone! You look back in time and think of all the crushes you’ve had, fictional or real, and if not anything else, at least get something to laugh about! Well, we have exactly what will either hit you hard in the feels or have you laughing your heart out thinking about your past escapades. Check out these 20 relatable memes on crush which you might even send to your crush to.. well.. throw them a hint maybe?


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1. Me to crush: I want to invest in you. Let’s have a deal.

2. ‘Hmmmm’ killed more love stories than anyone.

3. Plays *Dil wale puchde ne cha* in the background.

4. Opening line: Can you do me a favour?

5. Happens so often.

6. And that crush used to be our English Teacher.

7. That *Gazab bejjati hai yaar* moment

8. On point.

9. That extra toffee used to give such immense joy.

10. Kya matlab crush DM ka reply bhi karti hai.

11. I would have been the richest person.

12. Jab shadi hi nahi karni thi toh Hi kyu likha.

13. Embarrassment at its peak.

14. Hum jeet gayeeeeeeeee.

15. After sending Hi- Dil galti kar baitha hai.

16. *That wholesome moment*

17. Me: *kya karu main mar jau*

18. The anxiety on Rakshabandhan day was real.

19. *Kuch samjh nahi aaya, par sun ke achcha laga* moment.

20. Seh lenge thoda moment.

So, that was all for the 20 relatable memes on crush. Feel free to laugh it out if your feelings for your crush have you (quite literally) crushed! We hope you enjoyed these memes as much as we enjoyed compiling them 😛 Let us know your favourites in the comment section!

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