20 Relatable Memes on Friends You Have To Share With Desi Friends

Friendship Day is still a couple of months away, but you don’t really need a day to celebrate your friends. Be it rain or shine, you know you have a keeper of a friend when they’re always around, even when you need them and especially when you don’t. True friends aren’t much different from family, only they’re ones you choose for yourself. Remember the age-old quote – “Blood runs thicker than water”? You might be surprised to know there’s a different, and probably more authentic version of it – “The blood of the covenant runs thicker than the water of the womb”, which means the bonds you chose to make often prove to be stronger than the ones you are born into. A good friend definitely proves that adage true. With that, here’s to the ones who become our chosen family, annoy the hell out of us only to sort it all out with a hug. Here are 20 relatable memes on friends which will surely bring your group closer together.


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1. That one friend who behaves differently when girls are around.

2. How can friends miss the chance to embarrass more.

3. Class without best friend: such a boring day, such boring people.

4. Every non-veg friend asks you to try chicken at least once.

5. Orkut testimonials>>>> Linkedin’s endorsement

6. Meri taraf mat dekhiye, main aapki koi help nahi kar sakta.

7. Hahaha loved pulling that prank.

8. Ha uncle anothny yahi hai.. Group study kar rahe hai.

9. Sad but true.

10. Cancelling plans with friends is my superpower.

11. *Yeh dukh khatam kahe nahi hota be*

12. MOVIE IMPORTANT HAI (Read in Zakir khan’s voice)

13. Confidence dekh rahe ho.

14. Can’t agree more.

15. And that tomorrow will never come.

16. We all need such friends in our lives.

17. HAHAHAHA, Imagine the replies on the status.

18. It was so much fun doing that.

19. Me: Look, who’s talking.

20. Don’t dare to show off your English speaking skills in front of friends.

We hope you enjoyed checking out these 20 relatable memes on friends as much as we enjoyed putting them together. Let us know your views in the comment section!

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