7 Minimal Posters To Depict Relationship Vs Relationshit

There’s the loving and comfortable relationships and the irritating and demanding relationshits! While we all crave for a heartwarming relationship full of joy, love and care from our partner, sometimes what we get is just arguments, clashes and disappointment, or simply a relationshit.

We bring you the difference between a relationship and relationshit in 7 minimal posters.
(In association with Vee)

1. Space Vs No Space 

2. Love Vs Money & Sex

3. The ex always comes to the present in relationshits

4. Open Secrets vs Hidden Secrets

5. The past matters more than the future in relationshits

6. Together Vs Together, but not together 

7. Taken vs Taken for granted

So, are you in a relationship or a relationshit? 

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