Rhinos, An Elephant Ride and a Breathtaking Resort: 24 Hours of Pure Bliss in Kaziranga


Despite being the reluctant travelers who would not do anything mainstream on their visit to North East, we eventually gave in to the temptation of visiting the much talked about Kaziranga National Park on the last day of our trip. Fortunate enough to not miss the chance, we did end up witnessing one of the most marvelous creations of nature—the one horned rhinoceros. 

Our journey from Shillong to Kaziranga began around 10-ish, right after breakfast. It was almost a 6-hour drive and a major portion of it went through the spiral mountains of Shillong. Despite the mountainous terrains, the drive to Kaziranga was smooth as a hot knife in butter. We took our own sweet time to reach Kaziranaga. Taking multiple halts, enjoying the lip-smacking Assamese cuisine and adoring the rapidly changing landscape, we reached Kaziranga at sundown. 

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons


The Resort

After the long haul, anything that could have even slightly resembled a bed would have been good for us. But, then again, we were fortunate to have a recommendation from a friend about a Resort Borgos in Kaziranga, which turned out to be one of the most gorgeous properties in the area. 

The interiors of the resort had been done in a way that it instantly made us feel connected with nature. The nicely done wooden work in the interiors of the resort gave it a quaint touch that soothes nerves real quick. Post thw check-in we were escorted to our rooms that were extremely plush and snuggly. 

A quick refreshment session and we were back on our feet again, this time to explore the pleasant resort. The beautifully lit up alleys of the hotel led us to the pool room, the spa area and the swimming pool—each better than the other. After spending several hours at the pool table stretching out our nerves, we headed to the restaurant to attend to our hunger pangs. After receiving an impressive hospitality and enjoying the state-of-the art facilities at the resort, it was no surprise that food they served was nothing less than perfect. The meal ended with a stroll around the property. We called it a night early ‘cos an early-morning elephant safari waited for us to give us a tour of the famous Kaziranga National Park.

The Elephant Safari

The entire idea of riding a powerful gypsy and entering the unknown territory of wild animals and then looking them in the eye sounds very intriguing. However, to really connect with the nature, we chose the slow and steady ride through the interiors of the jungle on a mighty elephant. 

We started our day early and headed for the common meeting area where all the tourists gathered for the Elephant Safari. 


After a little waiting time, we were loaded on a huge Elephant, and there began the journey that was etched in our memories till eternity. 

Keeping its steady pace and abiding by every instruction of the mahout, our mighty ride took us into the interiors of the national park, where we finally met the much-talked-about one horned rhinoceros. 

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Calmly grazing in the green pastures of the national park, these rhinoceroses were found everywhere in small groups. This gave us ample time to adore these marvels of nature. Along with the one horned wonders, we also came across a couple of wild boars feeding themselves over last night’s left overs of a dead turtle. 

Towards the end of our ride, the belief that the Safari on an elephant is way more satisfying than that on a gypsy was ascertained. Taking the elephant ride allowed us to make the most of your time in the park and soak in its serenity completely.

Quick Takeaways

Shillong to Kaziranga: 250 kms

Must do things: 

  • Take the elephant safari
  • Visit the tea estates
  • Get some souvenirs from the tea estate
  • Explore the roadside shops for handmade wooden sculptures.


  • Start early to make the most of your day
  • Take early morning safaris to get the best view of the park
  • Pre-book the safari
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