10 Best English Romantic Movies of 2022 on Netflix That You Will Love

There are essentially countless ways to experience love, making it a universal language. If you are looking to end this year with some lovely romantics, Netflix has a huge selection of romance films to choose from, including everything from romantic comedies to historical romances.  There is a romance movie on Netflix for everyone and every mood, ranging from romantic dramas to comedic foibles and everything in between. But there are so many options that it can be very overwhelming. Therefore, we’ve compiled the Best English Romantic movies of 2022 on Netflix.

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1. Look Both Ways

Natalie’s life splits into two parallel realities on the eve of her college graduation: one in which she gets pregnant and must deal with motherhood in her Texas hometown, and the other in which she relocates to Los Angeles to pursue her career.

2. Persuasion

They reconnect eight years after Anne Elliot was convinced not to wed a handsome man with humble beginnings.

3. Love & Gelato

 In lieu of traveling to Rome to carry out her mother’s final wish, Lina, a recent high school graduate, would prefer to spend her summer getting ready for college. When she finally makes the decision to go, she is immediately plunged into fresh experiences.

4. A Perfect Pairing

In order to win over a significant client, a wine company executive from Los Angeles travels to Australia. Things change, though, when she begins to fall for a tough local while working on a ranch.

5. The Royal Treatment

The chance of a lifetime is presented to NYC hairstylist Isabella when she is hired to work at Prince Thomas’ wedding. Isabella and Thomas learn the importance of listening to their hearts as they get to know one another better.

6. Through My Window

Raquel has a long-standing crush on her attractive neighbor, Ares, whom she observes in private but never approaches. 

7. Tall Girl 2

Jodi’s dream of playing the lead in the school musical is about to come true, but the pressure she feels causes her relationship and confidence to crumble.

8. Along for the Ride

Before starting college, in the summer, Auden meets the mysterious Eli, another insomniac. The two set out on nightly missions to help Auden live the enjoyable, carefree life she never knew she wanted while the seaside town of Colby sleeps.

9. Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between

Clare and Aidan agree to call it quits before Aidan leaves for college so there won’t be any regrets or heartbreak. 

10. Love and Leashes

For two coworkers who enter into a binding contract as partners in consensual play, pleasure, and pain, love has never hurt so good.

These were the best English Romantic movies of 2022 on Netflix. Which one is your favorite?

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