Sachin’s best partnership – Anjali Tendulkar. A picture-series of their adorable love story

Most of us are well aware of the numbers when it comes to Sachin Tendulkar, but how many of you know about the innings that’s closest to his heart? Confused? Don’t be, we’re talking about Anjali Tendulkar, the one true love of Sachin outside Cricket. This love story will find your heartstrings. It’s a story of commitment and dedication. 22 years of pure love. Read on

1. A place synonymous with goodbyes, was where the Master Blaster’s flight of love took off.

2. Love, at first sight, you may say, but according to Anjali Tendulkar, it was destined. She even forgot to pick her mother from the airport in the excitement

3. Sachin was forever shy, it was Anjali who made all the first moves, quite the ‘opener’ for the home team

4. Always there for each other, Anjali sailed through the troubled waters herself to make up for Sachin’s lack of courage

5. To save money Anjali used to walk long distances, braving goons, in the night. Or else she wrote heartfelt letters to Sachin when he was away playing for the country.

6. Known to instill fear in fastest of bowlers around the world, Sachin got stumped when it came to matters of the family. Anjali realised this and introduced herself to Sachin’s family.

7. For someone who’s known for patiently building his innings, this occasion was no different. Their courtship lasted for 5 years before they got married!

8. Daughter of a well-known industrialist, a successful pediatrician by profession, and six years elder to Sachin, Anjali left everything to be with Sachin and look for the family to make sure the Master Blaster had the peace of mind when he was playing. And she admits she has no regrets, and the age gap has helped them understand things better.

9. She’s admitted on several occasions that Sachin was the only person she’s known in her whole life and she’s known him really well to know how close he was to his father. His presence was pivotal in Sachin’s journey to become a superstar.

10. Because in chaos, be it a happy one or not, you want to be with that one person with whom your heartbeats are intertwined.

When they say ‘Love is the sacrifice’, they’re not wrong. This love story is a case in point, and how perfectly it fits. Because when the hopes of a billion people rest on your shoulders, someone should have your back. We hope you resonated with their love story, let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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