10 Best Dialogues From Salman Khan’s Sultan


Sultan, the movie about an underdog wrestler’s journey to defeat all odds is an inspiring story which shows the hard work of not only wrestlers but sports persons in general. The blockbuster movie also has some inspiring lines which give us life lessons. Here are some few dialogues from the film which caught our attention


1. Only you can defeat yourself

2. Love can also be a dangerous thing

3. Life is an arena and we are all wrestling with it

4.We should dream but we must never forget our reality

5. Women still live and die in fear


6. Life will bring us down but we should never be discouraged

7. Love is never perfect and we have to accept each other’s flaws

8. Even though we are all different, we must not forget that we are all living on the same soil

9. Maybe because English is an impressive language?

These few lines gives us the glimpse of what kind of movie ‘Sultan’ is. It can be an inspiration to anyone who watches it. If you haven’nt watched it yet,


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