20 Savage Replies Which Won the Internet!

Internet is no longer the friendly place it used to be. As newer technology comes up that provides people with more and more anonimity, it has become impossible to escape judgement, criticism and sometimes just plain old meanness. Internet trolling has become as big a part of the internet as content itself, which is why celebrities and public figures are expected to have thicker skin now. While none of this is fair, it has also made way for some of the most hilarious conversations on the internet. Here are 20 savage replies that won the internet!


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1. This halaal burn that probably stung for a couple of weeks, at least. 

2. Sunne ki kshamta rakhna is important if you ever decide to indulge in internet trolling. 

3. For someone who’s only ever done acting, Shah Rukh sure is witty. 

4. Imagine having the confidence to try and troll Amitabh Bachchan. 

5. When you spend more money on digital marketing than the product itself: 

6. When there’s no end to one-upping and you must one-up every one-up. 

7. Well, props to this gentleman for trying. 

8. If everyone is returning their imaginary awards, I’d like to begin by returning my Oscar first…


9. Who even pays for their own Netflix at this point? 

10. Sometimes I wonder what’d the world be like if people kept their shower thoughts to themselves. 

11. Desperate times need desperate measures. 

12. When you do not even have to come up with a comeback because the other person made a – gasp – typo!

13. Some things should be for your eyes only. Please. I beg you. 

14. Be nice to verified accounts. Their comebacks will make it to a lot of websites. 

15. When they offer you money but you’d rather be paid in barter. 

16. Some things never change. And that’s for the best. 

17. Imagine hoping to make the cops your drug dealer 

18. There are more than a billion of us. At this point, outwitting us is mathematically impossible. 

19. Zomato flexing doing the bare minimum like they’re my boyfriend:

20. Twitter has made people meaner. Earlier we used to say mean things only to ourselves. 

Did you like this compilation of the most savage replies on the internet? Which one was your favourite? Comment below to let us know!

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