Science Behind Indian Traditions And Practices

India is considered to be the oldest living civilisation by many historians. It has so many cultures, traditions, and practices that are not only eccentric but are also spread all over the world.

But there are some traditions that most people of the world recognize India with. Something as simple as a ‘Namaste’ rings ‘India’ in people’s mind. We have some such traditions explained. Just because we don’t know the story behind them, doesn’t mean that the traditions are vague.

1. Joining hands in Namaskar ensures joining fingertips. This activates pressure points relating to eyes, ears, and mind, which enables us to remember a person for long. Also, it saves us from transfer of germs.

2. Toe rings worn in the second toe strengthens the uterus by creating pressure on a nerve that connects the uterus to the heart, thus increasing blood flow. And Silver being a good conductor, absorbs polar energies from the earth and passes it to the body.

3. The cooling effect of sandalwood relieves a headache as the area between the eyebrows is considered a converging point of nerves. It is also considered as the position of the third eye, which is a source of all energies. Applying sandalwood keeps this area relaxed.

4. We often ring the bell before entering a temple. It is said that, one, it keeps the evil forces away and second, the ring clears our mind and helps us concentrate on our purpose.

5. Apart from lending color to one’s hands and feet, Henna prevents stress because it cools the body and prevents the nerves from getting tense. Thus, it is applied on hands and feet – nerve endings.

6. Meat fulfills body requirements of Vitamins and Iron, but eating meat every day is unhealthy as it can cause diseases like piles, kidney stones, colon cancer etc. Thus, to stop people from eating meat every day, Hindus assigned days to Gods. Smart!

7. At a time when there were no tube lights, and the only source of light was the mighty Sun, it was advised not to cut nails after the sun sets, to avoid anyone getting hurt in the dark by the razor-sharp blade. It is for the very same reason that floors weren’t swept, saving anything important to slide off in the dark.

8. The curd has a cooling effect on the body and the sugar is a source of instant glucose. The combination is a wonderful wellness tonic for the sunny days.

9. The idea isn’t just to sit on the floor and eat, it is to sit in the ‘Sukhasana’ or the lotus pose, which calms our body and readies brain to begin digestion.

10. The Earth is a giant magnet. Sleeping in symmetry with the Earth’s magnetic field causes blood pressure problems because the blood in our body has to work hard to maintain the body’s own magnetic field.

11. Copper is antimicrobial. It stimulates the brain, aids in weight loss and slows down aging. According to the American Cancer Society, it helps in fighting off cancer.

Some traditions and practices date way back in time, they seem obsolete to unread minds. But to say they hold no water, would be uninformed. Spread the word!

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