10 Best Hindi Web Series on Serial Killers You Can Stream Online

Watching a well-made crime series or murder documentary may be strangely rewarding. According to psychologists, one of the main reasons we are so fascinated by real crime programs or serial killer series is that they give us a chance to almost feel glad that we are not the victims. Regardless of professional opinion, one cannot deny the allure of a gruesome gore fest where the criminal continues to slash, gore, stagger, and hang his victims while the authorities attempt to capture him or even her. Let’s see some of the best serial killer web series in Hindi.

1. Breathe

How far can someone go to protect their loved one? To save the one they love, two motivated and desperate men must play the ultimate game of cat and mouse. ‘Breathe’ gives us a look at the lives of regular men who encounter unexpected situations. Kabir, a smart but unconventional officer of the Crime Branch, connects the dots between the deaths of organ donors that were unrelated and points to the amiable Danny as an unlikely suspect. Kabir won’t give up until he solves the case and brings justice.

2. Indian Predator: The Butcher of Delhi

Delhi Police is looking for the assassin with a vendetta against the system. A string of bodies and insulting letters are left outside a jail. The Butcher of Delhi examines the police investigation as well as the motivations of Chandrakant Jha, a serial killer who in 2006–2007 left three beheaded corpses and taunting letters outside the Tihar Jail.

3. Hasmukh

The long-awaited big break of a shy small-town comic takes a dark turn when he discovers that the only way to maintain his stage presence is to commit murder. When Hasmukh realizes that his guru has no intention of letting him perform on stage, he takes a drastic action. Does the step, however, seal Hasmukh’s fate or bring out the best in him?

4. Damaged

The bloody areas, the dismembered bodies, the cunning plans, and the twisted mindset. You have cinematic expertise at work when you combine this with a misunderstood and frequently lovable serial killer. But how frequently do we envision a woman using the murderous tool? We have a real female serial murderer in our midst according to Hungama’s debut original series, Damaged, a psychological crime drama series.

5. Abhay

The protagonist of the narrative is SP Abhay Pratap Singh, who works with Inspector Komal and a few other cops to solve various cases. Saahil is his kid, and Abhay is overly protective of him because of Abhay’s history, which includes officer Natasha and her informant Govind. Govind has returned to get revenge on Abhay, who was responsible for the demise of Govind’s family. Will Abhay be in a position to resolve every case? Or will Govind’s drive for retribution triumph over him?

6. Rudra

A remake of British series, ‘Luther’, ‘Rudra’ is an Indian psychological crime thriller. Brilliant super-cop Rudra Veer Singh is navigating the labyrinth of psychopaths in the crime-ridden alleys of Mumbai. The culprit who is being pursued by DCP Rudraveer Pratap Singh ‘Rudra’ ends up unconscious in the hospital. Months later, following an investigation into what occurred, he is rehired by the police, but the time away from work has left a lasting impression on him.

7. Duranga

Adapted from the Korean drama ‘Flower of Evil’, A Mumbai crime branch officer reopens the terrifying case that shook a small coastal town near Mumbai. While looking into a grisly copycat homicide that uses the same tactics as a 17-year-old serial killing case, only to learn that there was an accomplice who was never caught. To her horror, her ‘ideal’ husband of 11 years, who has been the loving father of her six-year-old daughter, could be that co-conspirator.

8. Sunflower

The series is a peculiar murder mystery set at the Sunflower Housing Society. Sonu, a resident of Simpleton, plunges headfirst into a murder investigation and emerges as the main suspect. What comes after that? Sunflower housing society resident Mr. Raj Kapoor is discovered dead in his apartment. Most of the locals and regular guests are suspects once the authorities start their investigations. Will the police be successful in solving this case?

9. Asur

‘Asur’ is a distinctive crime thriller in which two diametrically opposed worlds collide. The complex, less-examined field of forensic science with the profound mysticism of prehistoric Indian mythology. Asur, which is set against the mystic city of Varanasi, follows forensic expert teacher Nikhil Nair as he goes back to his roots at the Central Bureau of Investigation. He teams up with his former boss Dhananjay Rajpoot and finds himself caught. What happens next is a mix of mystery, mythology, and the killings of some people who aren’t even connected.

10. Indian Predator: The Diary of a Serial Killer

The infamous story of Raja Kolander, suspected of being a cannibal and is accountable for the murders of more than 15 individuals in eastern Uttar Pradesh, served as the inspiration for this docuseries. It has three episodes, and the first one takes place in the year 2000, when an Allahabad-based journalist named Dhirendra Singh mysteriously disappeared. His body was eventually discovered in the neighboring state of Madhya Pradesh, decapitated and severely dismembered.

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Some of these best serial killer web series in Hindi have kept the audience on the edge have several murders, unusual methods, and graphic crime scenes. Don’t miss  them!

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