17 Times Shahrukh Khan Won Our Hearts On the Silver Screen


SRK isn’t called a king just because of his charming looks with dimples on the side. He has so much more to him than just looks; his modesty is un-matchable and wit unparalleled, he makes his audience connect to any role he plays with his effortlessly driven emotion-game, he still remains to be Bollywood’s biggest romantic hero and a man of many awards.

SRK resonates in our minds with his dynamic presence on the screen.

Let’s celebrate some of his moments on the screen that were absolute gold!

1. Only SRK could’ve pulled off Paulo Coelho’s original words in Hindi!

2. Get yourself a guy so loyal!

3. What is Devdas without this dialogue by SRK?

4. *reads in his tone*

5. taaliyan bajti rehni chaiye….

6. SRK is the ultimate dilwala

7. He gave us the best lesson upon love.

8. SRK is the heart of cinema in Hindustan, Jab Tak Hai Jaan. 


9. Carpediem explained profoundly..

10. goosebumps? goooosebumps!

11. zinda rehti hai unki mohabbatein…

12. The simplicity with which he delivers.

13. It was delightful to watch king khan do comedy.

14. This dialogue is SRK’s copyright!

15. Book your nostalgic trip tickets.

16. 11 mulkon ki police should stop trying already!

17. Hospitality goals.

These were some of our favourites, let us know if we missed out on some of the best dialogues of Shahrukh Khan in the comments below!


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