24 Funniest Shark Tank India Meme Templates on the Internet

Shark Tank India Meme templates have been a favorite of the members and humorists on the Internet ever since the show started on SONY TV and other OTT platforms. Based on the international show of the same concept, the Indian version of Shark Tank India is an opportunity for potential Indian entrepreneurs to showcase their ideas to some of the biggest names in the Indian business ecosystem and seek investments for their venture. While the show has been loved by the audiences, the responses of the judges / potential investors to the participants have inspired several memes to describe news, everyday life situations, and the story of our lives.

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We bring you some of the most hilarious Shark Tank India meme templates on the Internet here:

1. She: I have nothing to wear
Mom (opens wardrobe):

2. Tony Kakkar starts singing:

3. Me: Sick leave ka kya excuse du?

4. Australia scores 434 runs in 50 overs.
South Africa:

5. Pujara and Rahane when the team needs them the most:

6. When you see your ex-girlfriend with your best friend.

7. Salon guy: Sir cutting ke saath, hair color aur massage bhi kara lo.
My brain:

8. When my friend plays Indian porn

9. nobody:
people who attend weddings just for food:

10. When a girl compliments me.
My friend to introvert me:

11. He: Your sense of humor sucks

12. *Me who just started studying*
My phone:

13. Nobody:
Teachers to online classes students:

14. When she says: nahi, jo hoga shaadi ke baad hi hoga.

15. When your friend is ready to share his Netflix id and password 

16. Me pitching my best friend to his crush.

17. Me to year 2020 & 2021

18.  Nobody:
My organs:

19. The audience after watching Ashneer in Shark tank India

20. Me after watching cringe on Insta reels.

21. my situation among relatives

22. When I do something wrong
Dad to mom:

23. Every husband to their wife:

24. when I see my best friend talking to his gf for 3 hours

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Whether you’re a fan or not of the show, these templates will help you bring the Shark Tank experience to life. Hope you loved these Shark Tank India Meme templates!

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