Should Bollywood Film Producers use the Bingo Industry as a Springboard for Success?

Bollywood may be eleven years senior to its American cousin Hollywood, but it’s the Los Angeles-based film industry that brings in the most money. Hollywood rakes in annual revenues of more than $9.2 billion per year, whereas the Indian film industry generates around $1.75 billion. One of the main reasons for Hollywood’s incredible financial success has been its ability to market itself across other platforms. Bollywood film producers should look into doing the same thing and could aim to capitalize on the blossoming bingo industry.

Slingo is Comparable to Bollywood Cinema

The online bingo industry is a growing market that continues to adapt and evolve. Rather than just transport bingo games to the internet, operators expanded their offerings and now provide players with a range of games to choose from in addition to bingo. It didn’t take long for slot games to become an integral part of online bingo sites.

These games proved to be so popular that developers decided to create hybrid offerings that combine slots and bingo. This is known as Slingo. When players play Slingo on Paddy Power Bingo, they are faced with options like Book of Slingo, Slingo Lucky Streak, and Slingo Berserk. They offer elements of bingo mixed in with the thrills and themes of slots.

A lot of slot games are based on popular Hollywood films, so wouldn’t it make sense for Slingo games to represent Bollywood movies? The reason why Slingo would be the perfect genre for Bollywood titles is because a lot of releases in Indian cinema are hybrids, just like this new online bingo offering. Indeed, Hollywood is known for the masala film, which combines action, comedy, and romance.

Hollywood Has Taken Advantage of Online Casinos for Some Time

Hollywood has used the online casino industry to boost its releases for many years. This sector of the gaming industry has become an integral part of the franchise model. Some of the films to put this to good use in recent years have included Jurassic World and Tomb Raider. The 2015 reboot is one of the most successful movies of all time and made $1.6 billion at the box office. The 2018 adventure film wasn’t quite as successful, but it still managed to make more than $274 million worldwide. These pictures were certainly helped by the fact that online casino players were aware of them because of the related slots.

Bollywood hasn’t really used this franchise model in the same way, as there are few slot games out there based on Indian films. This highlights the fact that major studios in the region are missing out on a lucrative revenue stream. It isn’t too late for them to get on board with this, though, and it may be seen more in the future as online casino and bingo sites become prevalent in India.

Because Slingo is a hybrid game, just like many Bollywood films are also hybrids, it would be great to see some Indian films represented on the Slingo reels. If film producers from the country don’t get on board with this, it may feel like a missed opportunity.

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