14 Signs That You Have A Rahul Gandhi Within You


Love him or hate him but one cannot ignore Rahul Gandhi. Though he is one of the topmost politicians in the country, he never fails to give us a chance to smile. He has a reputation to make you laugh. However, there is so much in common between Rahul Gandhi and You! Yes, you, and in this article we will discuss exactly that and all the signs that you have a Rahul Gandhi within you.

1.) You are a Mamma’s Boy as well.

2.) You start watching the decor, lights, and furniture of every new place you go.

3.) All you want is to enjoy your life and everyone else to enjoy theirs. 

4.) You don’t mind taking shortcuts…

5.) You forget where you are in the middle of serious discussions.

6.) You are absolutely frustrated with everything that’s going around.

7.) You absolutely hate Zoom Calls.


8.) You never stop to embarrass your sister wherever you go.

9. You are always up for a push-up challenge with your besties and like flexing your muscles. 

10.) You yearn for another vacation after every few weeks of work.

11.) You wake up late on Saturdays after partying all night on a Friday.

12.) All you yearn for is a little appreciation for all the good things you say and do.

13.) Nothing can in between you and your food.

14.  Ultimately, all you need is a tight hug.

Now you realize that there is so much in common between you and Rahul Gandhi. We all have a Rahul Gandhi within us and just need the potential to unlock the powers. We hope you enjoyed reading this fun article, don’t forget to share it with your friends who too might have a Rahul Gandhi within them.

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