18 Simple Joys in Life That Everybody Loves

We all live busy lives, and at times, we unnecessarily complicate things for ourselves. There is always a deadline waiting to be met, and there is always so much to do. We often wonder why life can’t be sweet, easy, and fun all the time? It sure can, if we look carefully and live in the moment. Because we are all surrounded by simple joys and good vibes that make life worth living. Here are 18 moments when all of us find happiness in little things.


1) Because nothing can compare to your first love *sigh*

2) The sense of adventure and the ‘wind through your hair’ feeling

3) And trying to figure out where your house is from up in the sky

4) “I’m the king of the world!”

5) And reliving the good ol’ days

6) And going ‘aww’ every time the baby literally breathes

7) A walk down the memory lane

8) That feeling of being invincible!

9) Instant joy in two minutes!

10) Even when you know that mom will yell at you

11) *Butterflies in the stomach*

12) A book lover’s delight!

13) And the smell of pakoras and chai which follow the rain

14) Feeling that sense of pride

15) And treating yourself to a little something with it

16) Because tea is the solution to everything

17) And conquering your fears!

18) Feeling all grown up in that moment

Truly it is these and many other such little things in life that make us happy. What little joys do you cherish the most? Let us know in comments section below.

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