Simple tips on writing a book review essay faster

It is hard to state that a book review is a common assignment in academia. Yet, it exists, and it tends to be a real pain in the neck. Writing a book review essay is a time-consuming, often taxing, and energy-draining task. Not only do you have to read an entire book (try reading hundreds of pages in several days while having lots of other tasks), you also have to compose a comprehensive paper that analyzes the story. 

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that students, if not the vast majority, google “Write My Essay for Me for Cheap” to lift some burden off their shoulders. This way, they can be sure writing services can cover their backs. However, if you feel like completing the task yourself, though being short on time, you have come to the right place. The article reveals a step-by-step strategy to help you nail a book review essay way faster.

Read the Book & Take Notes

Yes, you can’t hide from this step, nor can you omit it. Reading the entire story gives you a clear and accurate picture of what occurred in the book. Without knowing it, you can’t produce a well-written and peerless paper. 

Students often commit a common mistake. They read summaries and write their reports based on them. Avoid summaries and similar syntheses. Teachers can quickly identify whether a student has read a book or a summary. You are also encouraged to take notes while reading the book. It will accelerate your reading process enormously.

Research the Book

While it is crucial to know the plot twist, it is also vital to have some basic information regarding the book’s history of creation. Including some facts in your essay will make you competent and prove that you have carried out meticulous research on the topic. Look for the book’s release date, who published it, who ranked it, etc. Once you have some general information about the book, compress it into one or two sentences and include them in your introduction.

Craft a Summary

As you now know, under no circumstances should you read a summary when working on a book review. However, you have to write one once you read the story. A good summary is a must in book review writing. It must be informative, enticing, and without spoilers. Include the main characters and touch on their role. It will help you restore your memory when leaving your work aside and taking a break.

Remember to Attract the Reader

It is essential to spark the reader’s attention right after they start reading your book review. The first impression is imperative, as it determines whether a person will keep reading an essay or not, regardless of the book. To succeed in catching the attention, you have to kick off your essay with an opening sentence. Also known as a hook, it is the first sentence that aims to motivate the reader to continue to read the essay. Hooks can be written in the form of an anecdote, quote, statistics, misconception, etc. Before you pick one, you have to evaluate your audience. It will help you approach its interests and write an accurate and captivating opening sentence.

Write Down Elements You Liked

When you complete the above steps, it is time to become a critic. Indubitably, a book review must be objective and unbiased. However, every thought is subjective by default, but it doesn’t mean you can’t approach objectivity. Think of elements you liked in the book. Was it the plot itself, the characters, the suspense rise, or maybe the dynamic climax? Whatever you find stunning, add it to your essay. But while writing it down, remember to provide examples from the book. Try remaining as accurate and formal as possible. Avoid writing your story using personal pronouns, contractions, and slang.

Include Things You Disliked

Likewise, write about elements you disliked. It can be anything including but not limited to writing techniques, insufficient/excessive vocabulary, the number of characters, plot holes. You may not like the ending because it was opened, or the main character was vague. No matter what you decide to add, make sure to back up your arguments with elements from the text. 

Divide Your Writing

Because writing a book review can be a long-lasting process, it would be reasonable to break down the writing procedure into small, doable chunks. Completing small portions will help you stay focused and complete the assignment faster. So, divide your essay into several parts, making sure you can finish one in one set. For instance, you may split your reading into three stages. After you read, you can proceed to research. Then might go summary, and so on.

Work On a Schedule

Working on a schedule is another helpful tip to handle the task quickly. Review your activity and figure out when you are most active and productive. If you wake up early, you can start working at 8 AM. Conversely, if you are a night owl, working at 8 PM would make more sense. When setting the plan, ensure adding intermediate breaks to have a snack, stretch out your body, and refresh your brain.

Reserve Some Time for Editing & Proofreading

You might be short on time, but in no way does it mean you can skip the editing and proofreading procedure. Editing and proofreading are key elements of a successfully written paper. In fact, they can require more time than actual writing. That is why you must be sure to have slots in your schedule to check your paper. 

Thankfully, you don’t necessarily need to deep dive into vocabulary and grammar books when editing an essay. Instead of doing that, turn to Grammarly, Thesaurus, and Hemingway Editor:

  • Grammarly: It is one of the best spell checkers available these days. The app works with English texts, highlighting grammar, punctuation, and lexical errors. 
  • Thesaurus: It is a dictionary that offers dozens of synonyms for a particular word. The tool even has an app that works offline.
  • Hemingway Editor: It is an app that strives to make any text bold and clear. The tool highlights mistakes that lower the text’s readability score.

Once you edit your paper, read it aloud and make sure it is polished to a shimmering brilliance.


Writing a book review essay may not be the most pleasant task. This is because it requires plenty of time to read a story and to write a paper afterward. The mentioned guide demonstrates practical tips to reduce the time spent working on an essay. If you find them useful, follow our web page and learn more about education, sport, travel, entertainment, and many more.

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