Social Media’s New Hilarious Trend “Imagine Being Named After” Is As Funny As It Could Get

Recently, a new trend flooded instagram and Twitter. People started making hilarious comparisons using the line “imagine being named after” and there was meme overload on social media platforms. Everyone was quick to make comparisons ranging from architecture, Bollywood, web series, and even political figures. 

We have hand-picked 12 most ROFL-worthy tweets that will make your Tuesday hues go away. Have a look!

1. Mahatma Gandhi is to Indian States what Radhika Apte is to Netflix

2. Why is a detergent named “Watch” though?

3. These comparisons are hilarious

4. They got farmer-fruit-jam chronology right

5. MI should sponsor MI

6. So that is how the writers got the idea

7. Indians would have taken their masalas there as well

8. This is the funniest among the lot

9. Although the reaction to both is the same “Wah Taj”


10. We Stan Basmati Rice Supremacy

11. Now this is actually true 

12. This might be a myth-buster for many

These are some of our favourites from the plethora of hilarious tweets trending on Twitter. Do let us know your favourite one and let’s keep this going in the comment section.

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