Some Facts To Know Nana Pateker, a Little More Closely



Vishwanath Patekar ,  more popularly known as Nana Patekar needs no introduction. We have seen this versatile actor perform in films, Marathi plays and in the guise of our friends, who love to enact him.  Coming from a modest background he has made it big in the industry and in hearts of his people.

 He is vocal about his feelings and is known for being blunt. Despite that, he is a much loved actor because instead of cashing in on his fame, he works for creative satisfaction,  be it in films or theatre. Let’s try to know him, for the person , he really is.

1. Totally deserved it.

2 .Because, he’s Nana.

3. When General V.K. Singh was less recognized!

4. Did he actually sing?

5. For the starters.

6. Their friendship couldn’t bear the Rajneeti, I guess.

7. Greed robs a man of daulat, shohorat , roti, kapda or makaan, flops toh fir bhi chalta hai!

8. Harsh words, but  true.

9.  The irony of life.

10. There is ample room for kindness in his heart, he  needs no bungalows to survive.


11. A determined man!

12. God saved him.

13. A student, a bread winner and also a theatre artist…and me? Well, just leave it there!

14. One a SherKhan, Always a Sher Khan.

15. She deserves a huge thank you from the film fraternity.

16. The sweet secret of his finesse in acting.

17. First person from Maharashtra to get this honor, Salute!

18. That’s  love, respect and trust, pouring in from his fans.

19. How far would you go for the cause of others?

20. Behind every successful man is a wife, who believes in him.

 He is one of the rare gems of  Bollywood, who don’t run after the lime light, but the lime light chases them for the brilliance of their craft.

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