Some of the More Unique Games Available to Play Now

In the world of gaming, there are so many genres and each generates its own fan base of dedicated players. There are innumerable gaming categories, meaning that there really is a game for everyone. Yet, while some games are well-known and widely played, occasionally a game just comes out of the blue. There are unique games that make you think, where did that idea come from? While there are many unusual games throughout history, we thought we’d highlight more recent titles. So, these are some of the most unique games you can currently play online, on a console or on your mobile.

Unique Online Game – NFT Megaways

We thought we’d look at a casino title for the unconventional online game, as the number of casino gamers in India has grown massively of late. This means that this industry is steeped in competition, yet some casino game developers tend to stick to convention. This is what makes the NFT Megaways slot from Red Tiger stand out as a quirky choice. It seems to be a winning development, as the game has been heavily promoted by the major online casinos and it’s likely that a fair few casino bonuses for new customers are spent on this game.

We’re used to slots with candy, mythology, dragons, leprechauns, gems, etc., but not non-fungible tokens. While people are aware of NFTs due to all the fervour, headlines and investment, the general public still doesn’t really know what an NFT actually is. With Crypto Punks, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dogecoin symbols, it seems Red Tiger has developed a game for a specific clientele that are fully invested in the burgeoning cryptocurrency industry. Not your regular casino game, but maybe all games will follow this theme in the future.

Unique Console Game: Donut County

Playing video games gives you the opportunity to become many things. Want to be an airline pilot, a mythical creature, or a superhero? No problem. There’s a game for you. Probably a few titles that allow you to live out these rather conventional desires. Yet, there’s only one game that allows you to become a hole. Donut County is a satisfying and soothing indie physics-based puzzle game developed by Ben Esposito and published by Annapurna Interactive. 

You operate a hole, guiding it around the changing landscapes attempting to consume everything in your path. Initially, it’ll be devouring small objects, such as rocks and paper, and eventually escalate to swallow large boulders, caravans, and even whole sections of highway. There are a few additional puzzle elements such as a catapult or fireworks that can aid your destruction, but you really are just an all-consuming hole. You are given a score at the end of each level and there are small narrative sections, but again, you’re just a hole and these mean little to the game progress. Not just one of the weirdest games, but also one of the most enjoyable games of recent times.

Unique Mobile Game: Doofus Drop

Doofus Drop is a doodle of a bean-shaped character falling down a hill. It’s a unique experience and the design is captivating, but there are also many many fart jokes. Developed by Curious Labs, who have a history of abnormal titles like Phil The Pill and Guac Chop, this tap and swipe game has been surprisingly popular. The controls are simple, as you launch your actor down a steep hill and provide a small speed boosts through the force of bean gas. There are plenty of different upgrades to be added to both your character and your character’s damaged bike that should boost your score and keep things interesting. It’s not an elegant game or a game of challenging gameplay. It’s captivating nonsense and that is why we like it.

If you browse games libraries long enough you’re sure to stumble upon some odd titles that make you wonder what the developers were thinking. These are a few of the games that caught our eye and that you can play right now if you crave a moment of absurdity.

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