Highly Anticipated South Indian Movies Releasing In June 2024

South Indian film industry never shies away from experimenting with new genres, producing high-bidget pan India movies, or getting creative with the plots. That’s the reason why South Indian films are slowly rising higher than other regional cinemas and even Bollywood. Even with simple romcoms like Tillu Square, or other high-octane films like Manjummel Boys, or HanuMan— getting into the 100 crore club has become such a simple task for them. They are relatable yet have a larger-than-life element in them, making them a perfect getaway from your humdrum life. So, on that note, let us find out the names of all the South Indian movies releasing in June 2024.

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1. Harom Hara | Tamil | June 14

It is an action film set in the 1998’s background in the Kuppam area of Chittoor district. The film is all about a revolting community and how their rebellion turns into a massive event. And, even though, the plot is kept under wraps— the movie is getting a Pan India release in multiple languages, so we know that it is going to bring something new and smashing for us!

2. Machante Malakha | Malayalam | June 14

It is a Malayalam language romantic comedy movie about an overly affectionate and highly dependent wife and her husband who loves her dearly. But, the husband tries desperately to cope with her over-affection. This adjustment leads to a lot of funny situations in between the romance of this newlywed couple. The movie starts with this bus conductor and his long journey along with his fellow passengers and their sweet connection.

3. Chef Chidambra | Kannada | June 14

Chef Chidambra is a dark comedy movie about a chef running a cloud kitchen from his flat. But, he lands in a soup when a man visits his flat and dies there. The plot gets a shade darker when a corrupt police officer asks him for a huge bribe to help him get away with the case. The man is desperate, innocent, and just a chef with a bright future— what is he going to do now? Well, you can only know after watching the film.

4. Mafia | Kannada | June 21

A heart-thumping crime thriller action film about an honest police officer, D. Sathyanarayana, who gets a whiff of a big organ trafficking racket, and starts an investigation on the culprits. He knows that he is risking everything to catch the criminals, but criminals don’t know who is after them! It is a Prajwal Devraj film, so be ready to get some high-octane actions.

5. Indrani | Telugu | June 14

It is a sci-fi dark fantasy thriller set in a world of the future where technology is advanced beyond our imagination and time travel is possible. Indrani, a woman with some superpowers, or high-tech gadgets, is ready to save the world. A superhero saga with a time-traveling possibility? Well, that is something we must watch, right?

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6. Kalki 2898 AD | Telugu | June 27

Kalki is one of the most aspiring projects and one on which Indians have kept their hopes for a long. This most-awaited Pan India movie is also one of the most costly films that have been produced in the country recently. The film is set in a dystopian future world where evil has spread its wings and it’s time for Kalki to come down and bring justice to the world. The movie stars Amitabh Bachchan, Prabhas, and Deepika Padukone in prominent roles.

It is not an exaggeration to say that this month is packed with some of the most exciting movies, and almost all films on our list are calling us to the theatres. So, mark your calendars and don’t miss out.

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