13 South Indian Movies Released in June 2023

May 2023 has given us so many South Indian blockbusters including Virupaksha (a mystery horror movie), and Ponniyan Selvan 2. Many Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam movies are lined up for release in June- Mark their release on your calendars so you don’t miss them! We have brought to you a list of all South Indian movies released in June 2023:

Tamil Movies released in June 2023

1. Adipurush – June 16

Adipurush is a Ramayan-based mythological film that is directed by Om Raut. It was one of the most anticipated movies in India released on June 16 in Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi languages. It stars the most sought-after actor Prabhas in the role of Lord Rama, including Kriti Sanon as Devi Sita, and Saif Ali Khan in the role of Ravana. Watching Ramanaya on big screens is a dream come true for many. However, the movie garnered more controversies than accolades, mostly due to its VFX, and dialogues that did not sit well with that audience. The Ramayan is the most loved tale of India and people did not like the spiked hairstyle of Ravan, the black Lanka, or even the gansta-style dialogues of Hanuman! Have you watched Adipurush?

2. Veeran – June 2

Veeran is a superhero comedy film that is directed by ARK Saravan. The movie stars Hiphop Tamizha Aadhi in the main role of the boy Kumaran. Kumaran is a 15-year-old boy who goes into a coma because he is struck by lightning. He gradually recovers but with added superpowers! His superpowers are lightning and mind control. I wish I could be him. Alas! the only thing I can do is go watch the movie! It could turn out to be a fun movie to watch, right?

3. Takkar – June 9

Takkar is a thriller drama movie with a pinch of action and romance. It stars Siddharth and Divyansha Kaushik in the lead roles and is directed by Karthik G. Krish. What happens when a money-minting boy and a money-hating girl fall in love? They might avoid each other. But, in Takkar, the two of them get stuck with each other on a road trip and also get enmeshed in the web of human trafficking. The movie was released on June 9 grossing less than average revenue and not-so-good reviews from the critics and a majority of viewers.

4. Por Thozhil – June 9

Por Thozil is a thriller crime drama movie directed by Vighnesh and features Ashok Selvan, Sarath Kumar, and Nikhila Vimal in the lead roles. The movie shows the story of a newly appointed cop who is academically bright and clears all exams. Yet, he is a faint-hearted person and has to learn to overcome his fears and solve an investigation of a suspenseful murder case. It is a fast-paced crime investigating story with a gripping storyline. It is said to be one of the best Tamil thriller movies! It also got a high rating of 8.5 on IMDB. If you haven’t watched it till now-this might be the sign to go for it!

5. Kather Basha Endra Muthuramalaingam – June 2

Tamil movies are more fun when there is a powerful gangster, some action-packed sequences, and a lot of thrill involved! Kather Basha Endra Muthuramalaingam is an action drama movie directed by M.Muthaiya and is releasing on June 2. Furthermore, the movie stars Siddhi Idnani, Arya, and Prabhu in the main roles.   The movie is about Kather, an arrogant yet righteous man who marries a woman, Selvi. But Selvi’s relatives have a past relationship and there are many people waiting to take revenge. Arya shines throughout the movie with his portrayal of arrogant youth, also the strong messages of communal harmony, and women’s empowerment are shown in subtle ways. Though the movie has a very complex story structure and a plethora of characters, it still looks promising as a one-time watch.

6. Thuritham – June 2

Thuritham is a drama-thriller that has got Eden Kuriakosse, Bala Saravana, and A Venkatesh essaying the main roles. It is directed by Srrenivasan that portrays the love story of two IT professionals from different castes falling in love while going back to their hometown on a bike! The movie’s plot seems simple and interesting with the impromptu road trip, the misadventures, and also the harsh reality of society. Tell us your views about the movie after watching it!

7. Thandatti -June 23

Thandatti is a Tamil drama movie set in a small village and is directed by Ram Sangaiah. The film stars Pasupathy, the most versatile Indian actor who has acted in several Tamil movies, in a lead role. The other lead actors include Rohini and Vivek Prasanna. The film is about a village entertainer and has got goons, cops, village people, and every spice that you are expecting from this movie!

Telugu Movies released in June 2023

8. Nenu Student Sir!– June 2

Nenu Student Sir! is an adventure mystery movie that is directed by Rakesh Upalapti and has Ganesh Bellamkonda, Avantika Dasani, and Samuthirakan in the lead roles. The main characters are obsessed with smartphones and Tiktok! While Subbu is hustling various jobs to get a new expensive smartphone, Sruthi starts hating all smartphone apps once Tiktok is banned from India. Unfortunately, Subbu gets framed in a scandal and is on the radar of the city’s commissioner. How will he prove his innocence? To know more about this action-filled movie, you have to go watch it.

9. Vimanam – June 9

It’s a film that is directed by Siva Prasad Yanala and has Samuthirakani, Anasuya, and Dhruvan Varma in the main roles. Vimanam is a heartwarming and simple story about a father-son relationship. The movie follows the journey of a poor and disabled father who eagerly wants his son’s dream of traveling on a flight to come true. The movie is slow-paced and got mixed reviews from the audience.

10. Spy– June 29

The movie is directed by Garry BH and stars Nikhil Siddhartha, Iswarya Menon, and Makarand Deshpande in the main roles. The movie is an action-thriller that unravels the truth and solves the mystery of the death of Subhash Chandra Bose. So, action, thrill, history, and mystery. Hmm… would want to watch it! The movie is getting great reviews and is even touted as far better than Pathan by some of the viewers.

Malayalam Movies released in June 2023

11. Neeraja  – June 2

Neeraja is a romantic drama movie directed by Rajesh Raman and stars Shruti Ramachandran and Jinu Joseph in the main roles. It’s about the love, life, and desires of a woman whose husband dies and now she has to rediscover herself. What happens to her? Will she stop living her life? Can she discover the answers to the questions she has in her mind? Neeraja answers all these questions.

12. Nalla Nilavulla Rathri

Nalla Nilavulla Rathri is an action-thriller movie that is written and directed by Murphy Devasy and has an ensemble cast. The movie is about a group of former college friends gathering for a reunion on a private island. However, the reunion isn’t as merry as they thought, there is a looming danger, mystery, and thrill. The star cast includes Roni David Raj, Sajin Cherukayil, Bina Pappu, and Nithin George.

13. Amala – June 16

The movie is a psychological thriller and is directed by Nishad Ebrahim and has Srikanth Krishnamachari playing the role of the cop. It follows the journey of a smart police officer who is given the case of a series of murders happening overnight. Owing to its ratings, Amala is a great movie with a 9.6 IMDB rating. If you like psychological thrillers, this one is for you!

Select your favorite genre and pick the movie of the month! We will keep updating you with the releases of the next month. Happy Watching!

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