15 South Indian Thriller Movies That’ll Keep You Hooked The Entire Time!

It is no secret that some of the best thriller movies in the country are made in South Indian cinema. While it is not correct to club all these films together as they are in different languages: Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu, these movies do seem to share in common certain stylistic features. South Indian movies have out of the ordinary plot lines and unforgettable characters, which translates rather beautifully when it comes to a genre like that of thrillers, which demands these features from its films. In fact, some of these plot lines are so impressive, they are repeated by Bollywood years later. Shade aside, we bring you 15 South Indian thriller movies that’ll keep you hooked the entire time.


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1. 13B

13B or Yavarum Nalam follows the story of Manohar and his family that moves to a new apartment, 13B on the 13th floor of a building. When the family members get hooked to a new TV serial called Yavarum Nalam, only Manohar notices that strangely, the events in the show are mirrored by the events in his family’s real life. Not wanting to create panic among his family members, Manohar decides to investigate the incidents himself. 13B is one of the best South Indian thriller movies you can watch. 

2. Ezra

When Ranjan and Priya move to Kochi, they find it slightly difficult to get accustomed to the new city. One day, Priya buys an antique box which she then brings home. Upon opening the box, the couple begins to experience several paranormal incidents. 

3. Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru 

After a couple dies under mysterious circumstances, an inspector is assigned the case. However, the case turns out to be way more complicated than he had imagined, and he ends up losing much more than he would have traded. 

4. Drishyam 

An orphan named Georgekutty has managed to start a family and earn a living as a cable operator in a small village where he and his family live happily. His world comes crashing when one day his wife and his daughter accidentally murder a perverted boy who happened to be the Inspector General’s son, and now Georgekutty must do everything in his power to save his family from the law. 

5. Anjaam Pathiraa

Anjaam Pathiraa follows Anwar, a criminologist who helps the Kerala Police on some cases every now and then. After a number of serial killings targeting the police take place, Anwar is called to investigate. 

6. Gultoo

Alok is a trainer in a computer institute. He dreams of becoming an entrepreneur and launching his own start-up. One day, he is suddenly arrested for a cybercrime, putting his dreams on hold. 

7. Vikram Vedha

Vikram Vedha follows a police inspector named Vikram, and his partner Simon, who are tasked with capturing a criminal named Vedha. However, when Vedha turns himself in one day in the police station, he offers to tell Vikram a story; Vikram doesn’t know that this story is related to his and Simon’s. The investigation is further complicated when it turns out that Vedha’s lawyer is Vikram’s wife. Vikram Vedha is one of the most thrilling South Indian movies that you must not miss. 

8. Kavaludhaari

A bored Traffic police officer named Shyam longs to join the crime department, but his request is rejected multiple times. Frustrated, he begins to investigate cases by himself off the records. One day, he stumbles upon a case involving the skulls of three people, which prompts him to investigate an unsolved case from 40 years ago.  

9. Mumbai Police

The ACP of Ernukalam, Antony Moses, is on the phone with his brother-in-law, the Commissioner of Police, Farhan, when he meets with an accident. While on the phone, Antony was about to tell Farhan the name of the murderer behind the killing of ACP Aryan who was killed during a gallantry awards ceremony. Because of the accident, Antony partially loses his memory. However, because he is a skilled policeman, he is re-assigned the case, and he must retrace his steps in order to find the identity of the killer again. 

10. Vishwaroopam

Viz is a classical dancer who teaches Kathak in New York. His wife, Nirupama, is put off by his femininity and is instead interested in beginning an affair with her boss, hires a private investigator to dig dirt on her husband so as to find an excuse to divorce him. This kicks off a series of events that Nirupama had never anticipated. 

11. 7th Day

An IPS, David Abraham is involved in an accident and meets Shan and Vinu. After Vinu flees the hospital, David senses that something is wrong. Upon further inspection, he discovers that Shan and Vinu belong to a group of friends being hounded by a criminal mastermind named Christopher Moriarty because he believes that they have his missing 1.75 crore rupees.

12. U-Turn 

Rachana is an intern for the Times of India and is working on an article about accidents at a flyover. She learns that many motorists on the flyover displace the concrete blocks that divide the roads to take a wrongful U-turn to avoid the traffic and leave the concrete blocks lying on the road, which causes many accidents. The next day, Rachana is scheduled to meet one such motorist for an interview but is unable to, and she is later booked for his murder. However, she soon discovers that the motorists who had made the wrong u-turn have started committing suicide one by one. U-Turn is one of the most unmissable South Indian thriller movies out there. 

13. Memories 

Sam is a police officer who turned into an alcoholic after his wife and daughter were murderer right in front of his eyes. When he is assigned a case involving the kidnappings of several young married man, he becomes invested in the case. 

14. Kuttrame Thandanai 

Ravi suffers from a condition called Tunnel Vision, because of which his eyesight is deteriorating, and will lead to eventual blindness. To get his eyesight corrected, Ravi needs a sum of 3,20,000 rupees, but his loan is rejected. Desperate, he decides to blackmail two suspects of a murder trial in which he is the only witness. 

15. Anukokunda Oka Roju

After a night of partying, Sahasra wakes up the next day, not realising that the next day is actually the day after. She feels that something is amiss, and is horrified when she is chased by a couple of goons trying to assassinate her. She then decides to recall what happened the night of the party in order to figure out what happened on the day she cannot remember anything about. 

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